Solar power bank k9

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Full kit includes: 

1. Solar Power Bankx1

2. Solar Panelx1

3. LED Bulb with cable & lamp holder x2

4. AC/DC Adaptorx1

5. Solar cable with MC4 connectorx1

6. LED Torch

1.Solar Power Bank


  • Classic handbag design with light weight
  • Multiple DC & USB output ports meet different power demand
  • High capacity battery assure your long time power need for lighting and charging
  • High quality components & multiple electric protection assure the operation security 


Input: 12.6V 50W (with adaptor) + 18V/100W(solar panel)


Battery Capacity:50000mah


Certificates: CE/FCC/RoHS

2.Solar Panel


  • Bypass diode minimizes the power drop by shade.
  • The conversion efficiency of solar cell is above 17%.
  • White tempered glass,EVA resin,weather proof film and anodized aluminum frame to provide  efficient protection from the severest environmental conditions.
  • Waterproof.Perfect for grid applications.
  • Product guarantee 5 years.



Maximum Power: 100W

Tolerance: ± 3%            

Open Circuit Voltage: 21.96V

Maximum Power Voltage: 17.57V

Maximum Power Current: 5.69A

Short Circuit Current: 6.8A

Module Efficiency: 14.2%

Solar Cell Efficiency: 17.2%

Series Fuse Rating: 10

Terminal Box IP Rating: IP65

Maximum system voltage: DC1000V

Operating Temperature: -40---85

Dimension:  685*515*30*25mm

Weight: 9KG/PCS


3.LED Bulb

2pcs LED with high bright LED

12V 5W(equivalent to 60W incandescent lamp)

Cable length:3M  


4.LED Torch

High bright LED handy torch with rechargeable battery built-in

Suitable for temporary outdoor lighting in the darkness