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Bluetti AC100 1000Wh/600W

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  • 1000Wh/600W Power Station: Long Lasting 1000Wh Power Station with Big Load 600W (606W≤load<720W@120S; 720W≤load@0.5s), Built in Top-Brand Lithium Polymer LG Battery Cell, Safety & Quality are Rest Assured. We Use Automobile-level 3C High Rate Battery Cell thus Has a Much Longer Life Cycle 2000+ Times.
  • Solar/AC Recharge: 1)This Power Generator Can be Recharged from the Sun with Solar Panel (Not Include, Input Voltage must be 16V~40V). 2) This Power Station Can be Fully Charged in 10-11 Hrs by being Plugged into the Wall Outlet. Charge Time Varies on the Solar Panel(Higher Power of the Panel, Shorter Charge Time you will Get).
  • Multi-use&Various Outputs(AC/Car Cigarette/Type-C/USB/Lighting&SOS):2*AC Outlets for Most Household Appliance under 600W Like TV,mini Refrigerator,CPAP,Drone.1*12V Car Cigarette Lighter for Car Powered Devices like Car Fridge,Car Vacuum Cleaner,1*QC PD 45W USB-C for Laptop MacBook Air/MacBook Pro&USB-C Phones/iPad,4*5V3A(Max)USB for Phone,Tablet,Camera,Fans,Light,etc, 1*LED Lighting/SOS for Emergency Illumination/Help. Keep Multi Devices Powered in Case Power Failure or Away from a Wall Outlet.
  • Other Highlights: 1) MC4 Solar Charging Cable is Included, No need other Charge Controller; 3) Battery Management System (BMS),Protect from Overvoltage,Overcurrent,Short-Circuit,Temperature Control & more Safeguards. 4) LCD Screen to Monitor the Remaining Capacity/Charging/Discharge/Abnormal Status, Error Code will be Showed for any Malfunction; 5)Auto Shut off after Fully Charged; 6) 50/60Hz Frequency Adjustable 7)Size & Net Weight: 15.3*7.2*12.5IN, 34.4LB.

Bluetti AC100 1000Wh/600W

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Main features:

MAXOAK BLUETTI AC100 is a HUGE CAPACITY Eco-friendly portable power station with battery capacity of 1000Wh (Top-Brand LG Li-ion Polymer battery cell, 67568mAh/14.8V( equivalent to 270270mAh 3.7V)) ,600W pure sine wave output, PD Type-C Quick Charge(Max.45W), 12V Car Cigarette Lighter, Emergency Lighting and SOS and Two ways of recharging (Solar / AC). Ideal for outdoor adventures,Van lifer, RV,Camper, emergencies, or as supplementary power for home medical equipment like CPAP in case power failure.
AC100 has 1000 watt-hour power stored in the lithium battery pack. It has huge power for indoor use and outdoor use for of outdoor enthusiasts, traveler, adventurer, campers, RV’ers, Van lifer, liveaboards and ocean anglers. 
Besides its huge capacity, it also has other features:
Capacity:1000Wh (270270mAh 3.7V)
Battery: LG Li-ion battery cell, 67568mAh /14.8V
Input: 7.9*0.9mm DC, 16V~40V /Max.10A
AC Output: 110-120V,Max.600W,Pure Sine-wave
Car Port: DC 12V/9A
USB Outputs*4: 5V,3A 
Size&Net Weight: 15.3*7.2*12.5IN, 34.4LB.

  • ilent Power Station, Smart Fan Start-up

    ilent Power Station, Smart Fan Start-up

    Intelligent start the cooling fan, the fan will be started if it meets one of below: 1.The AC load equipment > 200W. 2.The charging power > 100W. 3.DC vehicle's charging load equipment>60W. 4.The heat radiator> 50 degrees.

  • High Quality, Safety Assured

    High Quality, Safety Assured

    Built in international brand LG battery core, longer cycle life up to 2500+times. Built in BMS (battery management system) with overcharge, overcurrent, overtemperature, overvoltage, overheating and other protection.

  • 600W Pure Sine Wave AC Output

    600W Pure Sine Wave AC Output

    Pure sine wave AC output to power your devices steady. It is an ideal backup battery for household appliance. The continuous output power is up to 600W. Never Worry out of Power for Outdoor Activities.

  • Solar Recharged Power Station

    Solar Recharged Power Station

    If AC outlet is unavailable, you can use a compatible solar panel to recharge the power station(AC100), provide a continuous power outdoor. Note: DC to MC4 charging cable is included. solar panel is not included.

  • Backup Power for BBQ Party

    Backup Power for BBQ Party

    Take this portable power station(AC100) along with you, no need find a place nearby the AC wall outlet to power your pallet smoker, lighting during BBQ party.

  • Power Companion for RV,Tailgating Party

    Power Companion for RV,Tailgating Party

    1000Wh,600W pure sine wave output, PD Type-C Quick Charge(Max.45W), 12V Car Cigarette Lighter, Emergency Lighting and SOS and Two ways of recharging (Solar / AC).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the capacity of this AC100 power station?

    1000Wh/67567.568mAh/14.8V( equivalent to 270270mAh 3.7V).

  • What devices can be charged by AC100?

    Check the rated power and peak power of your devices, so long as it not exceed 600W, it can be charged by AC100. if the load is between 600~720W, it can last for 2mins.

  • How to choose the compatible solar panel and how about the charge time?

    The solar panel must meets below:

    Working voltage is >16V,Open circuit voltage(OCV) <45V, the Max. output current is max.10A,Max. 170W.

    We suggest to choose:working voltage is18V and OCV is 23V solar panel.

    The charging time depends on the sunlight, the duration of the sunlight and the power of the solar panel.

  • What is life time of the AC100?


  • What you can get?

    1*Portable Power Storage (AC100), 1*100W AC Wall Charger, 1*PV Solar Charging Cable(DC7909 to MC4), 1*Cigarette lighter cable( cigarette port to DC7909 connector male) ,1*Carry Bag,1*User Manual, 1*Warranty Card, 1*Certificate of Qualification.

  • What is the size and weight for this EB150 power station?

    Size & Net Weight: 15.3*7.2*12.5IN, 34.4LB.


  • What is the warranty?

    We Offer Customers a 12 Months Hassle-free 100% Satisfaction & Replacement Warranty.

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