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Bluetti EB150 1500Wh/1000W (black)

1229.99 1299.99


  • Huge Capacity and load: 1500Wh/1000W(Max.), overload capacity: 1000W ≤load<1200W @2Min; 1200W≤load @1s.
  • Built in Top-brand LG battery cell, reliable and safe assured.
  • All-in-1 power station with various outputs:2*AC outlets for most household appliance under 1000W,1*DC12V for car powered devices,1*PD Type-C (Max 45W) for USB-C devices,4*5V3A(Max) USB.
  • AC/Solar recharged: it takes 10hrs to be fully charged by ACwall outlet.Charge time varies on the solar panel(higher power of the panel, shorter charge time)
  • MPPT highefficient solar charging.
  • Pure sine-wave.
  • Battery management system (BMS),Multi-protection,moresafeguards.
  • Size&net weight: 14.6*6.5*14.4inch,37.9lb.
  • 12 month replacement or maintenance warranty.

Bluetti EB150 1500Wh/1000W (black)

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Main features:

EB150 Portable Power Station, Power Outdoor.

The MAXOAK Bluetti EB150 is a HUGE CAPACITY portable power station with lithium ion battery capacity of 1500Wh ( LG Li-ion battery cell, 101,351mAh/14.8V( equivalent to 405,405mAh 3.7V)) ,1000W pure sine wave output, PD Type-C Quick Charge (Max.45W), and Two ways of recharging (solar / wall).

Unlike other small capacity power station, it has broader capacity and can charge higher power device like electric drill, hair dryer, blender (make sure the max. of your device is no more than 1000W). once fully recharged the power station EB150, the huge capacity 1500Wh ensure your device have a much longer charge time, no need to recharge it time and time again.

  • Capacity:1500Wh (405000mAh/3.7V , 101351mAh/14.8V)
  • Battery: LG Li-ion battery cell, 101351mAh/14.8V
  • AC/PV Input: 7.9*0.9mm DC, 42V/160W, OCV 16V~60V /MAX.10A 
  • AC Output: 110V,Max.1000W
  • Car Port: DC 12V/9A 
  • Highest Capacity Power Station

    Highest Capacity Power Station

    1500Wh/1000W(Max.), Longest Lasting Lithium Power Station, Specially Designed for High-power Device Such as Blender, Drill, Hair Dryer(Max.1000W).

  • Built in Top-brand LG Battery Cell

    Built in Top-brand LG Battery Cell

    Built in Top-brand LG Battery Cell, Safety and Quality is Rest Assured.Battery Management System (BMS),Protect from Overvoltage,Overcurrent,Short-circuit, Temperature Control & more Safeguards.

  • MPPT High Efficient Solar Charing

    MPPT High Efficient Solar Charing

    MC4 Solar Charging Cable is Included, No need other Charge Controller; Pure sine-wave, power more safe, better protect your device during charging.Auto Shut off after Fully Charged;

  • Multi-use&Various Outputs

    Multi-use&Various Outputs

    2*AC Outlets(Standard AC120V US Plug) for Most Household Appliance under 1000W.1*DC12V for Car Powered Devices like Car Fridge, Car Vacuum Cleaner,1*PD Type-C (Max 45W) for USB-C Devices Such as Laptop MacBook & PD USB-C Phones,4*5V3A(Max) USB for phones, Tablets, Camera, etc, Keep Multi Devices Powered.

  • Solar/AC Recharge

    Solar/AC Recharge

    The Power Generator Can be Recharged with Solar Panel (Open Circuit Voltage must be 16V~60V(Max),Max 500W,Solar Panel not Included). Charge Time varies on the Solar Panel(Higher Power of the Panel, Shorter Charge Time you will Get), eg. 300W Solar Panel: About 5-5.5Hrs. 3*150W Panel in Series: About 3.5-4Hrs.

  • Pure sine-wave (Size & weight & LCD)

    Pure sine-wave (Size & weight & LCD)

    Pure sine-wave, power more safe, better protect your device during charging.Auto Shut off after Fully Charged; LCD Screen to Monitor the Remaining Capacity/Charging/Discharge/Abnormal Status, Error Code will be Showed for any Malfunction; 50/60Hz Frequency Adjustable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the capacity of this EB150 power station?

    1500Wh,101351mAh/14.8V( equivalent to 405405mAh 3.7V).

  • What kind of battery cell used in the EB150 power station?

    We built in LG Li-ion battery cell, ,4S3P.

  • Can charge and discharge at the same time?

    Yes, you can.

  • What kind of product can be charged by the EB150 power station?

    For AC powered device, make sure the max. power of the device is no more than 1000W. for overload capacity, 1000W ≤Load<1200W @2Min,1200W≤Load @1s;

  • How to choose compatible Solar panel?

    It must meets:

    1)Open Circuit Voltage(OCV):16-60V/Max.10A, Max.500W (DC7907 to MC4 Charging cable is included)

    2)MC4 Connector

    Tips: make sure the total OCV(open circuit voltage) is no more than 60V if you connect several solar panel in series!!!!!

  • How long can be recharged by Solar Panel?

    It depends on the input power of the solar panel and the strength of the sunlight.

    For example, for 300W solar panel, the charge time is about 5-5.5Hrs. for 500W solar panel, the charge time is about 3.5-4hrs.

  • Can I connect the solar panel in series or in parallel?

    Yes, you can. for example, connect 2*DC18V(rated power)/150W solar panel in series, if the OCV(open circuit voltage is 22V), so connect 2 pcs in series, it is finally total 44V/300W.

  • What is the size and weight for this EB150 power station?

    Size: 371.5*165.4*364.7mm(14.6*6.5*14.4inch)

    Net weight:17.2 KG(37.9lb)

  • How long should I recharge the EB150 power station if I do not use it for a long time?

    We suggest to recharge it very 3 or 6 months for better protect the battery cell and ensure a longer life cycle.

  • Anything else important should I know?

    Note: When the total output power exceeds 1000W, the DC output will be directly shut down. When the load is less than 30W, the output power would not be displayed. When a high-power appliance is attached to the product, the displayed output power and the actual output power could be different for up to 30W.

  • Craig


    After purchasing the Maxoak 400Wh unit to run my 180 watt gaming laptop last year, I also wanted something more powerful that could not only run my laptop a few hours, but all day and night if there was a power outage, as well as run my sump pump during any outages as to not flood the basement. I also thought it would be cool to have full wall electricity on a road trip or camping, as everyone can plug something into it and never be without power. I thought of countless uses for a portable high power electric generator/battery, such as using power tools outside or before electric is installed in new construction, yard work around the house, car pressure washing and vacuuming, ect. Well this unit fit the bill perfectly, it has 1500Wh capacity and with two wall plugs up to 1000 watts, which I am going to test with my kilowatt meter. The kilowatt meter always showed the same watt usage as the unit’s LED display, so I didn’t even have to use it for my testing! In my pictures you can see some of my testing. It easily handled my 650 watt sump pump. Then I moved on to the most power hungry appliance in most people’s homes, the hair blower! You can see three pictures of the hair blower on normal, hot/medium, and hot/high. The two lower settings worked fine, even up to about 1064W! And obviously when the hair dryer was putting out 1400 watts the unit gave an E13 error, which means overloaded, protected itself, and a simple on/off had it up and running great again. The unit is about 38 lbs, but has a nice carrying handle so it doesn’t feel that awkward to move, but it isn’t something you can carry around while hiking. I enclosed a picture comparing it's size to their 400 watt unit, it is substantially larger and heavier obviously. You can easily carry it from your house to car to a close campsite, but if you are going to walk far with it, unless you are very strong and need this much power, their 400Wh unit is very light and easy to carry with you and can run up to 300 watt appliances. This unit is for when you want the best and a lot of standby power. I’m a small guy and I carry it from my bedroom down two flights of stairs and outside to solar charge it, or to the basement without any issues, but I wouldn’t want to be carrying it far. I’m sure guys bigger than me won’t mind the weight, but smaller men or women just need to know that they are not going to be walking miles carrying this. Another nice touch about this model over their previous models is that it is white and powder blue. Why is that important? Well black plastic models would shut off if solar charging on a 90 F day after a while because the batteries in the black plastic got to hot and the protection kicked in. Having a light plastic casing rather than black will help prevent that. As well as this unit having an internal fan that kicks on if it gets hot, so that issue was solved nicely. It has a 45 watt USB-C output, it also has 4 USB ports 5v 3A for your more powerful phones and tablets. As well as a car 12V auxillary (cigarette lighter) style round port. I tested it by plugging in my car’s radar detector, and it worked great. I could run my old 65-90 watt laptop for a couple days of gaming or probably a few more days of just browsing or watching movies on this beast. My new laptop is a 200 watt gaming monster, and since this unit is rated at 1000 watts it easily handles the task. One of my pictures is me playing Fortnite on the laptop! You could plug in your desktop computer and monitor in an outage and this unit could easily handle it! It came packaged very nicely surrounded by styrofoam. And as the listing says comes with a home charger and solar cable ready to hook up. This unit's charger is 160 watts and would take about 8-9 hours to fully charge from the wall, which is perfect as my electric rates are way cheaper overnight, so I charge it then. And depending on your solar panels or panels from 100W-500W, it could charge even faster or a day in the sun. Using it couldn't be any easier, just turn it on after charged and press the DC for charging cell phones, tablets, ect. from the USB ports or press AC for when you plug in normal wall plugs like a laptop, T.V., lamp, anything under 1000 watts. You can also do both at the same time and even while charging, which most other brands won't! It has a light while charging and the LCD display also shows a 5 bar charge level as it fills up. I really like everything about this unit compared to other competitor's with similiar specs, this just looked better built and while a big investment, it is less pricey then other manufacturer’s. It can power all sorts of things, not like those small cheap power banks that only can power tablets or phones or maybe a low power laptop. Being portable, powerful, long lasting, and having a real 1000 watt capable outlet on top off all that is what makes this product so great.

  • DA Rodgers

    DA Rodgers

    At 1,500 watts of power storage, the MaxoakBluetti is a serious solar generator. But the power capacity is only the first thing that makes it stand out among today’s crop of competitors. What impresses me the most is its charging input. First of all, it’s an MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controller built-in. Second, someone finally made a unit like this that can take a string of solar panels in series to achieve its 500 watt maximum input. Everyone else keeps the input voltage spec so low that you are forced to tie your panels in parallel, resulting in a high current and all the heat problems that come with it. The Bluetti charging input allows up to 60 volts, or 10 amps, whichever limit you hit first. The maximum charging power is an impressive 500 watts, and it has a 1,000 watt inverter built in.
    There are two 110vac outputs which both draw from the same 1,000 watt inverter. If you max-out the Bluetti AC power by plugging in appliances that draw a total of 1,000 watts, they should run for about an hour and seven minutes. That’s because, like every solar generator system, the Bluetti will only allow you to use about 80% of its capacity, to prolong battery life. The real value of these units is when your power needs are about 1,200 watt-hours per event you plan to use it for. If your event is one hour and seven minutes long, then you can run something that needs about 1,000 watts continuously. If your event is 8 hours long, then you can run something that needs about 150 watts continuously. If your event is 24 hours long, then you can run something that needs about 50 watts continuously. Calculating your power needs when they are not continuous can get complex. And they get even more complex when you are able to charge the Bluetti with solar panels at the same time you are using power. In that case, how long the unit will work depends on lots of things, but the solar charging will lengthen the time your load will run.
    I tested the Bluetti’s inverter by running my table saw with it. It was always able to start the saw, even though the power requirements spiked well above the 1,000 watt continuous spec. The highest power I saw on the Bluetti’s screen was over 1,400 watts but because the update rate of the screen, I’m sure it went higher than that. I was able to make a few small cuts, but when I tried to cut the edge of a door to make it 3/16” narrower, the Bluetti gave up after about 10 seconds with an Inverter Overload Error. That’s not surprising at all considering that the table saw motor is way oversized for the Bluetti’s inverter (just it’s idle requirements were around 800 watts). It’s a good thing when your solar charger cuts you off from a power scenario that could cause it harm.
    It is still a little tricky to achieve the Bluettie’s charging power maximum of 500 watts with common panels. I was able to connect three of my 160 watt Eco-Worthy panels for a total theoretical wattage of 480 watts, but each panel has an open circuit voltage (Voc) rating of 21.6v. That means I theoretically exceeded the 60 volt limit of the Bluetti’s charging input, with 64.8 volts under open circuit conditions (3 x 21.6). The time your panels will experience the Voc is when there is full sun, but your solar generator’s battery is fully charged so it can’t take any more power. Its MPPT charge controller will shoot its resistance to its high limit which will approximate an open circuit. The output of your panels will approach their Voc. I didn’t have any problems with this setup but I did not leave it this way while the battery was full and I always had a load on the AC outputs.
    In full sunlight, while it was charging with these 3-160 watt panels connected in series, the maximum power the Bluetti indicated was 312 watts, far from their theoretical maximum of 480 watts. That’s not as bad as it sounds. I’m in the Chicago area and the day I did this test the sky was a little hazy. A crisp blue-sky day will certainly produce more power. But since I wasn’t close to the maximum solar power, I decided to see what would happen if I put a fourth 160 watt panel in series with the others. As soon as I plugged it in, the Bluetti shutdown with an Over Voltage Error on charging port. No surprise. At the instant I plugged the string in, all four panels would have been at their Voc. So I tried a different approach.
    I covered part of one panel and found that the voltage of the string was well below 60 volts (just about any shading causes a string of panels to disrupt their power production, and it didn’t take much shading to get a lot less than 60 volts). I plugged the string into the Bluetti’s charging port and then uncovered the panel. Because the Bluetti did not immediately see an over-voltage condition, it started drawing power. Then, when I uncovered the panel, the voltage did not go to its Voc value because the Bluetti was drawing power. I was able to get the Bluetti to indicate it was accepting as much as 409 watts. But if I had waited until the battery was full, all four panels would have gone to their Voc voltage and this time they would have totaled 86.4 volts (4 x 21.6)…way over the 60 volt limit of the Bluetti. I didn’t let it run very long that way because I was afraid the Bluetti might blow out its charger input.
    Ultimately I was successful getting the Bluetti to accept a high of 465 watts on its charging input without exceeding the maximum voltage or current, by connecting my four 160 watt panels in series and isolating them from the Bluetti through a Drok DC Buck Converter. I configured the Drok to output a maximum of 59.75 volts and a maximum current of 8.25 amps for a theoretical maximum of 493 watts. I’ve only run it for one day with this setup but so far it has worked well. The only problem still comes from the Voc on four panels because the maximum input voltage of the Drok DC Buck Converter is 75 volts. I’ve measured as high as 84 volts on its input from the panels when the Bluetti’s battery was full and there were no loads on its outputs. I will keep experimenting with the Bluetti connected in this way to see how long the Drok unit lasts. It may work fine for a long time considering that at Voc, the current from the panels is tiny. But because I am exceeding the specifications of the Drok unit I don’t recommend that anyone else take this approach.
    I’ve only had the Bluetti for a few days but now that I’m able to charge it with free solar energy at something close to the 500 watt specification, I am more than happy. My only wish is that the screen could be configured to stay on longer than 60 seconds when it is being charged. That wouldn’t take much power. And, yes, I suppose I wish it would accept 100 volts on the charging input, but if the Drok unit works long term, I am satisfied. If it doesn’t, I will be forced back to just 3 panels. I will still be happy that the Bluetti allows me to connect 480 watts-worth of solar panels in series. Either way, with the Bluetti, I plan to take some watt-hours back from the power company.

  • Nancy Gordon

    Nancy Gordon

    I bought the Maxoak 1500W EB150 because of its stated capacity, numerous outlets, and smaller size compared to a comparable AGM battery. This battery has proved to be a capable and versatile high capacity source of power for many applications.
    I fly drones and RC airplanes as a hobby and have now used the EB150 at the field to recharge simultaneously two DJI batteries, both drone controllers, and the two iPads. Previously I did not this capability. I was also using several 100W solar panels to pass thru power to the battery.
    I have used the EB150 to power and/or recharge the batteries for numerous electric tools which were under 1000 watts.
    Just for fun, I tried my wife's electric hair dryer- it worked on low but not high power as it was well over 1000 watts. The EB150 also was able to recharge my MacBook quickly with the USB C outlet at 26 watts, the same as the Apple power supply.
    Another reason that I purchased the EB150 was for its use as an emergency power supply. I was able to keep it charged using multiple 100 watt solar panels ( both in parallel and series ). The flexibility in input voltage and amperage makes many combinations possible. I live in Southern California ( earth quake country ) and was able to keep my Engel 12 volt refrigerator/freezer at 20 degrees F for three days using on the solar panels. The battery stayed at about 80% level!
    I know that I can now have refrigeration as well as emergency power for other survival gear.
    I am comfortable recommending this fine product as a reliable and high capacity power supply. The pure sine wave AC as well as 12 volt and 5 volt outlets all performed flawlessly. Thanks!

  • Jiujitsu2000 (on YouTube)

    Jiujitsu2000 (on YouTube)

    This is an EXCELLENT product. It's super solid and very effective! I'm a youtuber and I use tis unit in my car to charge my gopro, phone, and some other devices when I'm out shooting video's. I also charge it using solar quite often.
    I found a review here that left a negative review because of their misunderstanding of the product. In the review the person incorrectly thought that it would take upwards of 10 hrs to fully recharge the power station via ac wall outlet (the adapter is 160W)... They also mistakenly thought it also need 10hrs to fully recharge the EB150 via solar panel. Please let me try to explain this inaccurate info. The charge time depends on the OCV (open circuit voltage) of the solar panel... For example, 100w ,300w, 500w solar panel, the final charging times are different. You can connect your solar panels in a series, for example if you connect two pcs 18v (rated voltage) 150W solar panel in series, the total will be 300W. Also, make sure the total OCV of the solar panel is no more than 60W!! This is a fabulous unit and it's well worth every penny! If you want to see my full unboxing and review feel free to search youtube for jiujitsu2000 and once on my channel search for EB150. I hope this review helped! I hope it cleared up some things. Enjoy! Blessings!!

  • SeaBass


    We started a business that requires attending a lot of conventions. The proposed fee for the 1st show for electric was $1100 so this will pay for itself after 2 shows (ironically we still use the hotel power to charge it, sorry I'm not sorry). We bought this to run a MacBook Pro, 32 inch LED monitor, and a few other electronics. After 2 hours of use it only dropped 1 bar on the battery life. Maybe it's a bit overkill for this purpose but I need to make sure we always have enough juice and this thing (nicknamed The Beast) does the trick and then some. It's actually surprisingly easy to carry but you will have to ship it ground due to it being a powerful battery.

  • Merv


    This Portable Power Station/Solar Generator has well exceeded my expectations. It’s great value compared to other brands with the same energy capacity. It also comes packaged really well with a ton of dense foam to keep it safe during shipping. It’s quite heavy so the added shipping protection is welcome. This portable battery packs a lot of energy with what seem to be quality components. I’m able to run my washing machine on it several times with not problems. It can even run a hair dryer using 800 watts continuously without shutting down. I did notice the internal fan will come on when the DC output goes above 10 watts which I thought was odd. I bought it mainly because of its very robust 500 watt internal solar MPPT charge controller. I plug in a 350 watt LG 60 cell panel and easily charge above 300 watts during full sun. Highly recommend this for anyone needing 1.5kWh of off grid energy or who need a small backup for when the grid goes down. One thing to note is the included AC adapter gets very hot during charging. I’d keep an eye on it and make sure the adapter has good ventilation. The included adapter charges at just over 160 watts. It also comes with the MC4 adapter for plugging up solar. With the right solar setup you can charge it up much faster. Just make sure your solar open circuit voltage is no higher than 60v and your solar current doesn’t exceed 10 amps and you should be fine. I did install an inline 10amp fuse to my positive MC4 connector as an added protection for my solar input. Overall I’m very pleased with this portable battery.

  • Gretchen


    I had several reasons justifying my purchase of the BLUETTI 1500Wh Power Station. I was looking for something I could use to power a fan to keep me cool when I volunteer at charity evens that are outside in Florida heat. I also go camping several times a year, and I have a lot of things to power at night. I live in Florida where its not unusual to have storms that knock out the utility power. I also work from home, so its very important that I am able to have an alternative power available in an emergency situation for my job. I've considered battery power vs generator power for years, but when I consider the inconvenience of having to travel with generator gas, and how loud generators are, I always end up going back to the battery option.

  • GW


    I ordered the Bluetti EB150 on a weekend. It arrived the next Thursday (4-5 days). I opened it and found it about 60% charged so I finished charging overnight. On Friday I tested it and discovered there was no DC output voltage. Since the company is based in Hong Kong, I immediately feared the worst in getting things resolved. I emailed customer support Saturday morning. By Saturday evening I received an email informing me that a replacement would be shipped on Monday. I received the replacement that Thursday. This time everything worked correctly. My explanation of the problem was very thorough but I was shocked I didn't have to wait to ship the defective unit back, have the problem verified, and then wait for a new unit. The units I received shipped from a warehouse in California. The company also sent a letter via DHL from Hong Kong about the same time they shipped the first unit. The letter was simply to let me know they received my order and when the unit would ship along with customer service contact information in case I had a problem. They also sent an email with similar content. I don't know how often they have a product fail, but you couldn't ask for better response from any company. I normally wouldn't give 5 stars when the first delivery is defective but I felt like the stellar customer service deserved recognition. I hope the product performs reliably over time but so far so good. We ran a 30 qt fridge from the AC output for about 5 days and there was still about 40% charge remaining. The only issue has been the cigarette lighter style DC plug hasn't worked with all appliances. It worked great with my ARB 50 qt fridge but the 30 qt cheaper fridge with a lesser quality plug did not work so we simply used AC. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product to a friend. See Will Prowse's YouTube review for a full technical review on this product.

  • Koert


    Anyone who has ever set up a lithium battery system will appreciate the fact that this unit is ready to use right out of the box. Between buying parts, making cables, figuring out instructions and setting parameters, a custom battery system can take days to install. With the Bluetti, I unpacked it and plugged in my Dometic refrigerator. It's that easy.
    The specs on this unit, relative to the price, are very good. Sure, there are a few things I would like to have had, like a full-function Bluetooth battery monitor and expansion packs but all-in-all, for a small camper van it's perfect.
    I couldn't resist taking a look inside the case and this battery bank seems to be very well built, right down to the brand-name battery cells. And, Maxoak has great customer service. I noticed a problem with one of the charging cords and it was resolved before I even needed the cord. Thanks!
    Trying to think of other useful things to comment on. Oh yeah, like almost every power bank out there, it's a pain to have the cords project straight out of the case. It would be good to have right-angle plugs that would stay out of the way a bit better. And, I would appreciate a suggestion from Maxoak regarding solar panel selection - this battery bank accepts a much higher charge than most of them.

  • Jack Eboy

    Jack Eboy

    I purchased the MaxOak Bluetti EB150 as an off-grid alternative power solution for my RV while boon docking. My RV does not have solar installed but I do have portable solar panels as an on ground set up. I was seeking a power solution for multiple applications and the Bluetti EB 150 fit the bill. When used with my RV while boon docking I simply plug in my RV 30 amp power chord via a 15amp pigtail and turn it on. It extends the life of my wet cell house batteries, keeping them charged and allows me to to extend my off-grid experience while handling my general power needs. Less need to run my generator! Via solar panels the Bluetti EB150 can be recharged relatively quickly, about 3.5 - 4 hours. Using less than 4 - 100 watt solar panels it takes longer but works as expected. I also recharge the Bluetti EB150 while driving down the road! I simply plug it in to a wall outlet, turn on my inverter and let my alternator do the charging. It is really quite handy while on the road with no solar available. Recharging the unit takes quite a bit longer this way but nevertheless, it works fine. Also, since this is not a permanent install in my RV I can use it around the house as the need calls. I believe it has saved me a couple thousand dollars as apposed to a permanent battery and solar solution for my RV power needs. And if I sell my RV I don't lose my Bluetti investment. I get to keep it! 1500 watt-hours go a long way in an RV. I would buy it again.

  • EZ-Breather


    We recently purchased a greenhouse for my wife's 100s of plants. After much research and analysis, I decided to use a combination of THERMOSTATICALY CONTROLLED PROPANE HEATERS & ENERGY EFFICIENT ELECTRIC CERAMIC HEATERS to maintain temps of @ least 50 F. I am SUPER SATISFIED with using EB150s to power the ceramic heaters that augment & minimize the amount of propane consumption. Since the greenhouse allows sunlight from both it's sides & roof, I am recharging the EB150s with the solar panel option. GREAT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT & FOR THE ENERGY BILL. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE MY EB150s!!!

  • Pinoy RN

    Pinoy RN

    Very happy with the quality build of the unit, handle is solid to support the weight, it feels like it will last a very long time. Love the aluminum case, color, and white trim...overall an awesome attractive package. Only used it a few times so cannot give an in-depth review but have used it to power my coffee maker (about 1000watts) and it performed nicely. The USB chargers worked extremely fast in charging my Iphone XR. Wall charger works great and how nice it is to automatically taper down charging rate as it gets closer to full charge of the battery, it does get a little warm while charging but never hot. The LED light on wall charger turns "Green" from "Red" once charging is complete. The Unit arrived tightly packaged, on time, no damage, no parts missing. Very happy with my purchase at this time and plan on using this Unit to power my small T@b 320 Trailer for many years to come.

  • Jerry F

    Jerry F

    So far it’s meeting my expectations. It’s heavy, no doubt but seems to be well built. I live at the coast and hurricanes cause power outages. I also purchased a 100 watt 12V solar panel to go with it but soon found that it wouldn’t charge the Maxoak Bluetti due to it’s requirement of 16 Volt minimum input. I purchased another solar panel to run in series with the other panel and they will recharge it completely now.

  • JJ


    Wonderfully sturdy, very powerful unit that charges quickly and powers what I need it for. It is dreadfully heavy however so I had to put it on its own dolly to take it around the house. 38 lbs is heavier than you think!

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