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Maxoak K5 CPAP Battery Backup

299.99 299.99

  • DC Power bank especially designed for CPAP.
  • Compatible with CPAP: Resmedairsense 10/ Resmedaircurve 10/ Resmed S9/ Philip Respironics Dreamstation/ Philip Respironics REMStar System one 50 and 60 Series/ HDM Z1(12V)/ Transcend Mini CPAP and ResmedAirmini. ( dc cable for airmini is not include, pls inquiry seller where to buy).
  • Capacity: 297Wh/82500mAh@3.7V (Not TSA-approved).
  • SAFETY GUARANTEED: Built in Samsung battery cell, battery management system (BMS) and more advanced safety operations, ensuring complete protection for you and your devices.
  • Portable & lightweight: Smallest 8.7*7.9*2.5in, 4lbs, easily to carry for CPAP power backup outdoors.
  • Besides DC12V/15V/24V to charge CPAP, additional 5V2.4A USB for smartphone,tablet,etc.
Maxoak K5 CPAP Battery Backup

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Main features:

Why We Develop this MAXOAK CPAP Power Bank?

We found there are many CPAP User, but there is no Massive Capacity and Most Compatible Power Banks mainly designed for CPAP. Our K5 is just the product for that purpose when hurricanes, tornadoes, high winds, floods and other seasonal disasters have the potential to cause power outages in your area. This can be a problem if you use a CPAP machine for sleep therapy. It’s also the typical travel season when people visit friends and family for the holidays. Fortunately, alternatives for effective and affordable CPAP power bank are currently available.

What factors affect the final charge time?

The final charge time maybe different according to how you set your cpap on pressure, humidifier and heater. and even for the same brand, the charge time is different on whether the pressure is fixed or flexible/auto-adjustable. pressure is going higher if it is a self titratingunit.and with mark worn on, the CPAP will drive more current than taking off the mask. full face mask will also drive more current than nasal mask. so, many factors can affect the current draw, that make the final charge time different.

  • Portable and Easy to Carry

    Portable and Easy to Carry

    It is super compact and lightweight : 222*200*63mm(8.7*7.9*2.5IN)and net weight: 1.83kg(4LB),easy to carry with ergonomic handles,very convenient to take along.it is a perfect power source for tent camping and emergency power back for CPAP user.

  • Power-saving CPAP battery backup

    Power-saving CPAP battery backup

    It can provide a much longer charge time than ac output. According to our CPAP user’s feedback, it can provide at least 20hrs with humidifier/heater on, and about 5-6nights for CPAP without humidifier/heater and set a lower pressure. Some dates from customer pls refer to FAQ.

  • All-in-1 Power bank

    All-in-1 Power bank

    We developed this power bank for CPAP(DC12V/DC24V/DC15V), besides charging CPAP, customer can charge smartphone,tablet and other usb-powered device with output 5V2.4A USB output.

  • The broad compatible dc power bank for CPAP

    The broad compatible dc power bank for CPAP

    With just one K5 power bank in hand, you can charge the current 90% used-often CPAP models, including Resmedairsense 10/ Resmedaircurve 10/ Resmed S9/ Philip Respironics Dreamstation/ Philip Respironics REMStar System one 50 and 60 Series/ HDM Z1(12V)/ Transcend Mini CPAP/ ResmedAirmini and Devilbiss Intellipap-2.

  • Samsung Battery Cell and BMS multi-protection

    Samsung Battery Cell and BMS multi-protection

    We take the stable performance and safety as the most important thing.so we use the high cost top brand Samsung battery cell inside and built in multi-protect BMS battery management system to ensure overcurrent/overvoltage/short-circuit and low voltage/current protection. It has a much longer lifecycle over 1000 times.

  • What you can get in the package

    What you can get in the package

    K5 Power Bank * 1Pcs,AC Adapter Charger * 1Pcs,DC Cable for Resmed S9 * 1Pcs,DC Cable for Airsense/Aircurve 10 * 1Pcs,DC cable for Dreamstation *1Pcs,DC cable for HDM Z1/Respironics REMstar *1Pcs,DC connector for Transcend miniCPAP,User Manual *1Pcs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the capacity of this power bank(K5)?


  • What battery cell inside?

    We built in Samsung battery cell.

  • What kind of CPAP can be charged?

    It is compatible with Resmed S9/Airsense 10/Aircurve10,PhllipREMstar System One 60 and 50 Series/Dreamstation/HDM Z1,Transcend Mini, resmedAirmini, and Devilbiss Intellipap-2, Other CPAP model,Pls Check with Seller for Compatibility. We include four DC cable and One DC connector for above models excepetairmini/DevilbissIntellipap/dreamstation go.

    Link to buy Dc cable for Devilbiss Intellipap-2 :


    Link to buy Dc cable forairmini:




    Buying link for dreamstation go (DC12v ):


  • What is the charge time for different CPAP?

    We gather some charge data FYI,Check what other CPAP users told:

    Phillip Respironics REMstar System One 60: 5 nights(38Hrs) with humidifier/heater off,

    Phillip REMstar System One 50: 6nights (50Hrs) with humidifier/heater off,

    Resmed S9: 6 nights with humidifier/heater off,

    5 nights at a pressure setting of 11 for a total run time of 33 hours and 37 minutes.(heater and humidifier setting is not told),

    ResmedAirsense 10: 6 nights with humidifier/heater off,

    3night(20Hrs) with pressure 8.6psi, humidifier on#4, heated hose off,

    3.5nights with pressure 10psi,heater/humidifier off,

    26-28hours/3.5 nights:auto ramp pressure set at 5-12, climate line tube temp OFF, and climate control humidity OFF,

    Nearly 4 nights using it 7.5-9 hrs per night with typical pressure settings plus humidity at 3, No heater,Took it down about 25% per night - then ran out about 3 hrs short of a forth full night sleep.

    5 nights camping with my ResMed Air 10 (humidifier off/PSA 11/ 9.5 hours per night).

  • What factors affect the final charge time?

    The final charge time maybe different according to how you set your cpap on pressure, humidifier and heater. and even for the same brand, the charge time is different on whether the pressure is fixed or flexible/auto-adjustable. pressure is going higher if it is a self titratingunit.and with mark worn on, the CPAP will drive more current than taking off the mask. full face mask will also drive more current than nasal mask. so, many factors can affect the current draw, that make the final charge time different.

  • Can I take it on plane?

    Can not, its capacity is 297Wh, which exceed the max.limits for flights.

  • What is the size and weight of the K5?

    Dimension: 222*200*63mm(8.7*7.9*2.5IN),net weight: 1.83kg(4LB)

  • Can it charge and discharge at the same time?

    Can not charge and discharge for CPAP(you can not recharge the power bank when charge the CPAP).

    But it can charge and discharge for 5V USB powered devices.(you can recharge the power bank when recharge the usb-powered device like smartphone/tablet and more.)

  • What is include in the package?

    1Pcs* Portable Power Bank(297Wh), 1Pcs* AC Adapter Charger(25.2V/3A), 1Pcs*DC to Airsense/Aircurve 10 Cable, 1Pcs* DC to Dreamstation Cable, 1Pcs* DC to S9 Cable, 1Pcs *Philip System one /HDM Z1 Cable(100cm), 1Pcs* DC Connector for Transcend Mini, One User Manual, One Message Card.

  • What is the warranty?

    We Promise you a Worry-free 12-Month Warranty and Friendly Customer Service.

  • JT


    I have extremely severe sleep apnea and have been worried about what I will do in the event of a power outage. I'd also like to go camping as a family, but need a dependable battery for my CPAP.
    I have an ResMed Airsense 10, which I love. This battery pack works well with it and I am able to get a solid 6 nights (without the humidifier on).

    A few pointers-if you have an Airsense 10 as well, use the adaptor labeled "for HP." After connecting the battery to the CPAP, turn on the battery.

    Hit the "DC" button until the display is solid and not flashing. Then hit the power button again until your CPAP turns on.

    The battery comes in a nice solid cardboard box for storage.
    I'm glad to havev a backup on hand in case of emergency (or camping 

  • Dave H

    Dave H

    You must use the adapter plug marked "For HP". Resmed designed the AirSense 10 to check the power supply and there is an integrated circuit inside the "For HP" plug.
    This K5 can only be recharged using the AC adapter. I plan to use a 12V / 120V inverter to do that while RVing.

    You can't fly with the K5 unit. The lithium ion battery bank has more capacity than allowed on a commercial flight.

    My unit arrived at about 80% charge. I charged it to 100%. The AC adapter has a red LED that turns green when the unit is fully charged. The K5 unit also has an LCD charge state indicator.

    The K5 has specific instructions to power up the AirSense 10.
    After I ordered, the manufacturer contacted me by email to ensure I knew how to use the K5 unit with my AirSense 10.
    When I connected my AirSense 10 the first time, the LCD charge state indicator malfunctioned. The display failed and did not indicate the level of charge. I contacted the manufacturer by replying to the email they had sent me during the ordering process. They were willing to replace the unit.
    I used the K5 for three nights with my AirSense 10 (7mm pressure and no humidifier) for a total of 25 hours.
    It occurs to me that I could have put water in the reservoir and leave the humidifier off (no heating or cooling which consumes power). This could be effective in a dry climate (RVing at 9400 feet).
    I left the K5 on during the day between the successive nights. During the day prior to the fourth night the unit powered off. The instructions say it will power off at 5% charge capacity.
    When I pressed the power button the LCD charge state indicator behaved normally. It was a software issue and the microprocessor had been reset after it powered off. I recharged and reconnected the K5. The LCD charge state indicator is behaving normally.
    I believe this unit is superior in concept and capacity to the others on the market capable of running my AirSense 10.
    I rate it a 5 even though the LCD indicator malfunctioned. If it happens again I now know the remedy.
    BTW, I think the labels on their Amazon page in the picture showing connection of the Resmed S9 and Resmed AirSense 10 should be interchanged. I have the black unit.

  • Pa in Va

    Pa in Va

    Came across this as the #1 on Ezvid Wiki on youtube. Investigated further and bought as an Amazon Prime item. Figured if it did not work, I could just send it back. Well, it works and works well. Came with the cable I needed for my ResMed AirSense 10. After topping off the charge (arrived 77% charged) which took a couple of hours, I did prelim hookup test. First night, I used the humidifier and the heated tube. Had it running for 7 hours at which time the battery was at 28%. Recharge of battery took just 3.5 hours. Outstanding! Will do further tests without heated hose and without humidifier to see what I get. Worked with company rep via e-mail to figure out how to power my ResMed S8 Elite II. Very helpful and now i can also run my backup machine from the K5. Now, if it just lasts as long as they claim, I will be Golden.
    On second night of use, turned humidifier down one number, to 4 and turned off the heated hose. After 7 hrs of use, ended up at 49% power remaining. That is a gain of 21%. Was not uncomfortably dry so I am confident I can get at least 2 nights sleep on one charge. Will continue testing by turning down humidifier one number each night and then adding in an HME. More to come.

  • Austin


    First off I gave this 5 stars because its awesome!
    - I used this the first night and left my settings on the AIRCURVE 10 at 4 for humidity and the tube heated, and after 7 hours of use the battery finally died.
    - The second night I turned the humidity down to 2 and the tube heat off and the battery drained to 12% after 7 1/2 hours,
    -Third night I turned the humidity down to 1 with the heated tube off and the battery life was at 47% after 7 1/2 hours.
    - The fourth night I turned the humidity off and the heated tube off and the battery life was at 87% after a little over 7 hours.
    I hope this helps folks out who have the RESMED Aircurve.

  • Randal Phillips

    Randal Phillips

    This is going to be a rather lengthy review of the Maxoak CPAP battery, but hopefully it will help you make an informed decision if you are considering purchasing one.
    I want to start off by saying that I am thoroughly impressed that they have come up with a battery pack that is this incredible This is going to be a rather lengthy review of the Maxoak CPAP battery.
    I want to start off by saying that I am incredibly happy to have found a battery pack that is incredibly compact that can pack this much of a punch. The packaging and the battery itself are very clean and look very medical grade. It doesn’t look like a laptop backup battery. It comes with every adapter and power cord you could ever need, including plugs to power your laptop if needed. That’s just an added bonus in my eyes because I bought this to do one thing, and that is power my BiPAP in a camping/power outage situation. I’ve posted some videos, pics and screen caps of the battery, my machine and the spreadsheets with my usage totals in it.
    I wanted to really push this and see what it could do. I tried it first with me dreamstation and found out that it will not work with that machine. ResMed has made that particular machine take a proprietary voltage that will not work with any battery backup on the market. I do not find fault with this maker because of that. I had to do quite a bit of digging in forums and chatting with the manufacturer in order to get to the bottom of that issue. After chatting with them, they have started working on an adapter to power the dreamstation, but as of this update it was not yet ready. Maintenance. With that said, I grabbed my 24volt resmed S9 vpap, the one I actually use to camp with, to do these tests.
    The battery performed extremely well to say the least. I ran it first with no humidifier in order to maximize the usage out of it. I was able to run just under 9 nights averaging a little over 6 hours per night of sleep. I got right in the neighborhood of 50 hours of usage out of this battery. I was blown away at the longevity.
    After the battery finally died, I ran it with the humidifier just to see what it would do. I knew that it wouldn’t last long, but I was still able to get 2 full nights out of it with the humidifier on the lowest setting. That’s still pretty good in my eyes.
    After I went through all of this testing and started writing my review, we happened to lose power during a storm one night. Guess what? I had the battery charged and in the night-stand ready to go. I reached over, plugged it in to my backup machine and went right back to sleep. I got to really use this within the first 2 weeks of owning it. I thought it was pretty funny that I had just gone through testing it and then here I was actually needing it, and just happened to have a battery ready to go. It proved itself in a real-world situation much sooner than I had anticipated.
    All in all, this is a great unit and does exactly what I needed it to do. If I were to change anything, I would change the interface. To get it to start powering a device, you need to select the correct adapter, turn the machine on, press the DC button, and then press the power button again to begin the flow of electricity to your device. I would like it to just start working at power up. This is a small thing and in no way takes away from the convenience of having this much backup power in reserve when you really need it.
    Watch my videos, check out the pics, and feel free to ask questions and I will do my best to help answer anything that I can.

  • Sammi


    While I purchased one of these to use for camping with my Resmed S9, it saved me last night with my Resmed Airsense S10 when our neighborhood’s power went off for 5 hours due to a lighting strike. I have a very bad case of sleep apnea and I NEVER sleep without a cpap. I have my bedroom CPAP hooked to an APC Battery Backup like I use on my computer in case of power failure but in years of having it set up I had never had a power failure during the night to put it to the test (see pictures comparing size to the Maxoak battery). I change the APC battery religiously every year to make sure it is ready in case of an emergency. The APC Battery Backup alarm woke me up when our power went out (a nice safety feature!). When I went to turn the alarm off and go back to bed, I was disappointed to see that the APC indicator said I would only be able to operate my CPAP for about an hour using the APC internal battery (I still had my humidifier on at that point). What if our power was out longer than that??!!! Using a flashlight, I went to our camping supplies and got my Maxoak CPAP Battery Backup. I knew it would work for my S9, but I was delighted to find that they also had a cord for my Airsense S10. I woke up 5 hours later with our neighborhood power still out. The Maxoak battery had just used just 12% of battery to run for 5 hours! (pressure =10, exhalation pressure relief ON, and no humidifier) So mathematically I use up 2.4% per hour. In other words the Maxoak battery could run my CPAP with my settings for about 42 hours. If I had used my huge APC computer back up battery, it would have run out of juice after only 1 hour of use! My therapist has assured me that I would wake up before I asphyxiate if my CPAP fails, but I am glad I didnt have to test that hypothesis last night! (I will note that this was the first time I had used my Maxoak battery. I charged it up when I got it about 4 weeks ago and did a quick test then to see that it worked with my S9. It had been in storage since then. It’s indicator said it was still at 100% charge when I checked it before using it last night)

  • MikeyintheD


    I purchased this to take camping to rustic campgrounds with no electric hookup. I read a lot of reviews and went through all the different options. Settled on this because of the quick shipping, good reviews and decent price. It is a lot to spend on a "battery" in 2019 when batteries are super cheap and can be made large enough to recharge a laptop multiple times. But finding a CPAP battery backup that would last several nights wasn't as easy as it sounds. Many seem to have large enough capacity but then claim to only last 6 hours.
    This one arrived in 2 days. Seller contacted me upon shipping to confirm my CPAP machine model and instructed me on which included adapter to use between the battery and CPAP machine. My CPAP is the ResMed10 and set to 19.0 pressure which consumes a lot of power. Most ratings for CPAP batteries assume a pressure of 10.0. After one night of 8 hours sleep my machine was at 71%. After the second night of 8 hours it was at 34%. I could have easily gotten (3) 8 hour sleep nights out of the battery. If that is sufficient for your needs then this will work perfect! If you need more than that you might need to buy an electric generator.
    Can't speak to durability since I've only used this two nights but for what I needed for the first weekend it was perfect!

  • Shawn Poma

    Shawn Poma

    It just works... S9 no humidifier/heater lasted well over 7 nights camping. Does exactly what I bought it for.

  • Clayton Crenshaw

    Clayton Crenshaw

    Happy with my purchase. Charged the unit to 100% and used to power my Philip's Dreamstation over night. I had water in the humidifier but set the heat to zero (0) and my pressure is around 11. In the morning (8.5 hours of use) the charge on the MAXOAK was 84% remaining which is great. Figure I can get 4 nights of use before charging. I had the medistrom batter pack before this and was pushing it using it for two nights. After two years the medistrom doesn't hold much of a charge anymore so will be interesting to see how long this one last.

  • Shari Fessler

    Shari Fessler

    I have been using the ResMed AirSense 10 Autoset cpap since May and wanted to have a power bank that supplied back up power in case of an electrical outage and also for camping. I tried another battery which only lasted 5 hours. It comes with several adapters and of course I tried to use the wrong one. An immediate response from customer service with a video helped me with that problem. I used it for 2 full nights and still had 30% left. My pressure range is 5 - 8.6 and I didn't use the humidifier. If the CPAP was set to just a constant pressure, I believe that I would be able to use it for more nights before charging. Living at a higher altitude also drains the K5 more quickly. Overall, I really like the K5. Its light weight, easy to carry, and very easy to use. Their customer service is a huge plus.

  • Michael M

    Michael M

    Performance was as promised. Just purchased last week and immediately went camping in Death Valley. I use a Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset at pressures of 7.5 min to 11.5 max. After 3 nights of camping 9+ hours usage each night, no humidifier, the battery had 40% remaining. So as promised in the specs it provides 5 good night usage. Then just for fun, back home I used it with humidifier on (setting =4, range of 0 to 8) and the remaining 40% battery went to zero after 7.5 hours. This is a keeper.

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