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Bluetti AC20 200Wh/120W

219.00 219.00


  • 200Wh (3.7V 62400mAh/11.1V 18000mAh).
  • AC/SUN/CAR Recharge:About6Hrs to fully recharge the AC20 from AC Wall Outlet, about 4Hrs to fully recharge it from a 60W solar panel(14V~40V, MC4,Solar Charging Cable is Sold Seperately).
  • AC/DC/USB Outputs:1*AC110Voutlet(puresine wave,Max.100W for laptops, Max.120W for small appliance),1*DC12V/10Acarport,1*QC3.0 USB(Max.18W),1*PD2.0USB-C(Max.40W),1*5V/2.4A USB.
  • Solar charge mode:MPPT
  • Silent&gas-free: We use aluminum shells, it has excellent heat dissipation thanplastic shell. no loud noisy fan design can ensure you a silent sleeping.
  • Higher quality &safety: Built in Samsung Automotive-level Battery Cell,morestable, higher safety, higher discharge rate,lowheat, smaller size and longer cycle life 1000+.

Bluetti AC20 200Wh/120W

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Main features:

This Portable Power Generator is Designed for Small Appliance (below 120W,max. 100W laptop) Power Needs for example When you are Away from a AC Wall Outlet or in trouble of unexpected blackout or power outage.

  • Outdoor Power Backup

    Outdoor Power Backup

    Its compact size and appropriate capacity make it an ideal power companion for traveler and adventure who loves outdoor activities and need plenty of power to complete their photography and Creation. Charge your devices whenever when you need more power, keep you smartphone, tablet, camera, drone, laptop charged simultaneous.

  • Pure sine wave

    Pure sine wave

    It features with one US standard AC110V outlet,It can power max. 120w small appliances, for overload capacity:125W≤Load<150W@10S; 150W≤Load<180W@5s; 180W≤Load<200W@1s.We built in pure sine wave inverter, its stable electricity is more safer to charge our devices like laptop, CPAP, camera, drone, and more.

  • High Efficient MPPT Solar Charge

    High Efficient MPPT Solar Charge

    We built in MPPT inverter-it can automatic tracking to adapt to the max. charging power of solar panels, effectively improve the charging efficiency of PV solar panels, shorten the charging time of solar panels) Tips: pls choose the compatible solar panel with OCV:14-40v,max.60W.

  • LCD Display Screen

    LCD Display Screen

    The LCD screen shows the power situation intuitively. Three buttons control the switch-on/off of AC/DC equipment to reduce power consumption. backlight will be turned off automatically when the product remains idle for a period of time(15s).so it will not affect sleeping.

  • Your Safety, Our Concern

    Your Safety, Our Concern

    We use Top brand Samsung Auto-level 3C rated battery cell, and built in multi-protection BMS module to ensure it is stable performance, higher quality, lower heat, higher discharge efficiency, longer life cycle. Your safety, our concern.

  • Smart Charging Activation

    Smart Charging Activation

    It will charge automatically after AC20 plug in the AC wall outlet.no need manually press the power button, it is more convenient. You can monitor the power charging status on the LCD screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What devices can MAXOAK Bluetti AC20 power?

    It can only charge small devices less than 120W, laptop MAX.100W. The AC20 will show error code(E*) on the LCD screen if your device exceed max.120W.

    Please refer to your device specification before purchase.

  • What is battery cell used in AC20?

    Built in High Quality Samsung Polymer Lithium-ion Battery Cell.

    It is Automotive-level Battery Cell, more stable, higher safety, higher discharge rate, low heat.

  • What is the life span of this AC20?

    longer cycle life 1000+.

  • How to know the working times for my device?

    Working time = 200Wh* 0.85 / operating power of your device.

    For example, if power consumption of your device is 30W (may be a 40’’ TV), working time: 200wh*0.85/30w=5.7 hrs (rough calculated) .

    Please note: actual power consumption varies from different usages, pls consult MAXOAK for better purchase decision.

  • What solar panel should I use for this AC20?

    Solar panel must meets:

    1)OCV(open circuit voltage):DC14-40V max.125W; 

    2)MC4 Connector.

  • Input port/recharge port?

    Our AC/SUN/Car recharge port use the same input port, size: 7.9*0.9mm (DC socket)

  • Can charge and discharge at the same time?

    Yes, it supports pass through function.

  • Can I take it on plane?

    No, can not, not TSA-approved,because its capacity is 200wh which exceed the max.100 required.

  • Can it power CPAP?

    Yes, can charge CPAP, we suggest turn off humidifier/heater and set a lower pressure to prolong the charge time.

  • How long should I recharge it if I do not use it for a long time?

    For better protect the battery cell and extend the life cycle, we suggest every 3 or 6 months to full recharge it.

  • Is the frequency adjustable? And how to adjust?

    50/60Hz±0.5Hz Output Frequency can be set manually.

    Step 1: Press the power button, DC button and AC button at the same time. The LCD screen would light up and display the current frequency (50Hz or 60Hz). Release the buttons and move on to the next step.

    Step 2: Long press DC button or AC button to select between 50Hz and 60Hz. The frequency displayed on LCD would change accordingly.

    Step 3: Once the desired frequency is selected, press AC and DC power button at the same time to confirm the choice. When the setting is done, repeat Step 1 to check the current frequency. 

  • Will the AC20 turn off for low load?

    No turn off if low load.

  • What is the warranty of this power station?

    One-year warranty, life time maintenance service. 

  • James Fehling Jr

    James Fehling Jr

    go camping at least once a month and need a Cpap and I have previously used the poweroak 400 to run my Cpap so you can imagine how excited I was when this battery came out. I went from a 14lb battery to half that at 7lbs and at least half the size. I was very surprised to see that the maxoak ran my Cpap for 2 nights and also charged my IphoneX 3 times before it was dead. This is going to be my new camping battery for sure. I was easily able to get my solar panel connected and charging the max oak. It only took about 7 hours on a bright day to charge the maxoak fully with the solar panels I have and only about 5 hours with the included wall adapter. I have not tried the a/c port yet so not sure how long it will run on a/c
     Likes - nice small size with allot of power to run my devises for a couple days. strong sturdy build with a strong handle on top. Display is nice and bright for night time viewing.
     dislikes - buttons are hard to read in the dark. (going to put a white label to make it easier to read). I wish it came with the solar cable. Not as many usb ports as my poweroak had. While it does come with the cigarette adapter, i wish it was built in like on my power oak but i guess i would rather have the battery power than the plug built in.
     This is definitely going to be my new camping battery for sure. love the small size and lighter weight and how long it lasts. great battery for my needs and easily charged from my solar panels when i am camping. I imagine I can go camping even longer if I bring my solar panels with me also. very happy with it.
     The solar panel I am using is the Poweradd 60W Solar Charger (5V USB + 18V DC) Portable Foldable Solar Panel that i got on amazon. This solar panel is great because it comes with all the different size adapters to fit all kinds of different applications.

  • Arizona Girl

    Arizona Girl

    I have been using this power bank for a couple weeks now and it is excellent for travel and as a backup power source at home. To start, it was packaged well. When I received the unit, the box was damaged in shipment. However, the unit itself was well insulated and did not sustain any damage. The unit also has a sturdy feel, at about 7.5 pounds. It has a sleek case with a nice carry handle. I like the look and feel of it and it isn't bulky, it will store and travel well.
    The unit is pretty intuitive to use, but the included directions are helpful. I have purchased other power banks and the included instructions are not enough to get you started. It can be charged at a wall outlet, through car lighter, and solar. I have not had the opportunity to charge using solar or the car, but, will be looking into it for extended camping trips. The unit begins charging automatically when plugged into a wall outlet, and it takes about 6.5-7 hours to fully recharge from "empty". It makes no noise, and doesn't heat up during use/charging.
    The indicator lights are a nice approximation of how much of a charge is remaining. The battery indicator is lit up in 5 sections, each section representing about 20% of the battery life. So far I have used it to charge an Apple and Android phone, tablet, laptop and run my CPAP machine - all worked great. I have a Philips Dreamstation CPAP and at full power with humidifier on, it used 3 bars of the battery life at 8 hours of use (about 70-80%). With the humidifier turned off, my CPAP used 2 bars (about 30%) battery power per 8 hour night of use. I was able to use the battery for three consecutive nights before the display showed only one bar remaining and needing a recharge. I charged my iPhone from empty 3 times and my laptop once and still had plenty of charge left.
    Another nice feature is that during use, the lighted display will turn off after a few minutes. The display is still "on", but the back light turns off.
    I also used the unit to charge my cell phone while it was being charged. This "pass through" feature will come in handy when convenient wall outlets are hard to find during travel, or when trying to use my CPAP when power is intermittent during the summer storm season here.
    The only negative, and it's more of a personal preference really, I'd like to see a numerical display of the percentage of power stored rather than the battery image indicator. That would give a better indication of when the unit needs recharging versus an estimate based on how many bars remain.
    Overall though, I would recommend this portable power unit. It will work great as a back up power source for home use, as well as use in travel and camping!

  • Stephen P. Bryant

    Stephen P. Bryant

    This is my second charging station from MAXOAK. I've been a longtime user of a 400Wh setup which has travelled extensively with me on extended fishing trips and replaced the 12V battery / inverter / cables system i had which was cumbersome. And small charging packs are ubiquitous. This new model seems to bridge the gap between the two in a nice, compact, much lighter package. Easy to operate, clear charge indicator and the usual MAXOAK system for switching on the DC and AC outputs from the in-built inverter. This is the big plus over the small charging packs and is sufficient for an overnight trip plugged into several high-load devices. So this has now travelled with me quite a bit, run laptops, lights, phones, hotspots, sometimes simultaneously and without fault. The only thing i usually have to remember is to lay it on its side if it is not in a bag - the small suitcase-like shape which is a little vulnerable to tipping over is the only reason i would mark down one star for sturdiness. Beautifully made, I don't want to damage it. Overall, an excellent product.

  • OC Guy

    OC Guy

    I recently purchased this small Maxoak portable generator and charged it up with the wall adapter. I was able to run my Samsung 40" TV for around 2-1/2 hours straight. I will most like use this unit to change my cell phone and iPad along with my drone when I am out in the field. I like the fact that this unit is small and easy to store in the closet. I have also purchased the optional adapter for the connection to a 100 watt solar panel and am waiting for a sunny day to see how long it takes to fully charge the lithium ion battery.

  • Gallo


    This battery has served me very well and is more than enough for all my electronics. I use it mostly for charging my laptop and phone when I travel, but I suppose you could really use it for anything. I also use it for when the power goes out (it happens a lot where I live). It can charge my laptop, which is pretty large, at least 3 times. It feels nice and durable because it's made of metal and is overall just a really good product. 100% recommended.

  • Mkapos


    I've had this power station for over a month now and it works great. I've been able to run my CPAP for several days, charge my phone/watch and even used it to charge my batteries for my vape. For the day or two I've used it straight, the charge has lasted the entire time and I've had no issues. Great value for the price and would definetly stick with this brand going forward. This is the second power station/batter pack I have from the vendor. The first one is strictly for my CPAP but this one is much more versatile. Love it!

  • Josef Joestar

    Josef Joestar

    This unit is great! I like the flat design that takes less bulk when storing the unit. It is on the heavier side but has more power than the other similar units. Perfect for the outdoors or when the power is out. I’m going to try to find a solar panel for it.

  • Tiger with an Echo

    Tiger with an Echo

    Well built, body feels durable and handle is very strong. Would feel comfortable carrying this around in an outdoor environment. AC output and option to connect a solar panel really increase it's usefulness.

  • Joriansmom


    I absolutely love this product! So fantastic and easy to take with you anywhere you go! I love knowing that I can just take this outside with me if my phone is running low or for my children when their iPods are low on battery just charge this and take it with us!

  • no


    This solar generator is so small you can keep it in a handbag ,briefcase, or backpack or just carry it with you. It is very light, weighs less then a gallon of water and is very thin and easy to store. It ran my 44" Sanyo tv for over 5 hours and charged my 17" HP laptop 2 times. If you use the DC ports USB or 12V it last a very long time before needing to be recharged. It will run 12V lights for 2 or 3 days. This is a very nice solar generator it took 7 1/2 hours to charge it from the 110 charger it comes with and 6 1/4 hour from a 60W 18V solar panel I bought from Rockpals on Amazon, and Maxoak is such a nice product and dependable company 2nd to none there costumer care is grate and there products are very well made and reliable. This generator is a life saver in a emergency or when you are away from a power source. And at work like new construction to charge your tools like 12 and 18 or24v drills saws and so on It is grate for camping fishing and all around use. This is the 2nd solar generator I got from Maxoak three years ago I bought a 400W from them and gave it to my 74Y/O mother and it is still going strong she loves it.

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