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Bluetti AC50 500Wh/300W (gray)

399.99 399.99

  • 500Wh/300W(Peak 450W) Power Station:45Ah, 11.1V,high capacity lithium solar generator forsmall appliance(Max.300W).
  • Auto-level Battery Cell thus has higher discharge rate, lower heat and safer than the ordinary battery cores, the cycle life is 1000+.
  • Wireless Charging Options.
  • All-in-1 Power station with Multi-Output for various power needs: 2*AC120V US outlet(pure sine-wave), 2*DC12V3A, 1*DC12V9A Car Cigarette lighter, 1* PD 45W Type-C, 4*USB-A
  • Charge and Discharge (Pass-through) Function.
  • AC/Solar/Car Recharge. Solar Recharge Mode: MPPT.
  • LED Lighting Design (including SOS Function).
  • Battery Management System (BMS) and ,moreadvanced safety functions. 
  • Noise-free, Zero Emissions, Eco-friendly.
  • Portable and lightweight: only 13.6lbs with foldable handle, space saving.

Bluetti AC50 500Wh/300W (gray)

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Main features:

MAXOAK Bluetti AC50 is a 500Wh lithium Portable Power Station. It is designed for power backup for power failure or far away from a wall outlet. you can have your small household appliance like TV, mini fridge, LED light, drone, camera,laptop, CPAP, router, smartphone, tablet charged. The compact and lightweight design is perfect for indoor and outdoor activities.

·  Capacity:500Wh (45Ah, 11.1V)

·  AC/PV Input: 7.9*0.9mm DC, 42V/90W, OCV 14V~40V /MAX.10A 

·  AC Output: 120V,Max.300W(peak 450W,overload capability 300W≤load<450W@120S; 450W≤load@1s;)

·  Wireless charging: 10W

·  Car Port: DC 12V/9A 

·  USB Outputs:1*PD 45W USB-C(5-20V), 4* 5V,3A USB-A

·  Solar Charge Mode:MPPT, MPTT Efficiency:99.5%

·  Size&Net Weight: 11.6*7.5*7.7inch,13.6lbs.

·  LED lighting (half-bright, full bright, and SOS flashing)

  • Dual AC outlet,PureSine-Wave

    Dual AC outlet,PureSine-Wave

    You can charge two AC powered devices at the same time. The US standard AC outlet is much safer than other non US standard outlets. tips: It can power max. 300w small appliances, for 300w< power <450W, it can last 120s.We built in pure sine wave inverter, its stable electricity is more safer to charge our devices like laptop, CPAP, camera, drone, TV and more.

  • Solar Charge Mode: MPPT

    Solar Charge Mode: MPPT

    MPPT solar charge mode has a much higher charge efficiency:99.5%.You can choose the compatible solar panel to recharge the power station whenever there is enough sunlight, charge time depends on the strength of the sunlight and the power(watt) of the solar panel.(solar panel is not Included).

  • Wireless Charging, Convenient

    Wireless Charging, Convenient

    Besides common 5V USB output to charge our daily used device like smartphone, tablet,etc. we add a 10W wireless charging function, no need to take wires along, enable your devices charged wirelessly. Save you much time and convenient for outdoors.

  • LED Lighting & SOS

    LED Lighting & SOS

    LED lighting has three modes: full bright, full bright, and SOS flashing. You can switch it by one press the led lighting button, it is designed for outdoor illumination and emergency help. The led illumination light is soft and broad in the night, better protect your eye.

  • Lowerheat, Longer Life Cycle & Safer

    Lowerheat, Longer Life Cycle & Safer

    We built in Auto-level 3C rated battery cell, it has a higher discharge rate, lower heat and more stable, longer lifespan than other common battery cores, the cycle life can reach up to 1000+.

  • Compact and Foldable Handle

    Compact and Foldable Handle

    It is portable and lightweight, size 11.6*7.5*7.7inch, and weight only 13.6lbs. our foldable handle design is for more space-saving consideration, you can fold it when you do not use it, and foldable handle is easy to carry around on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the capacity of this AC50 power station?

    500Wh,45000mAh/11.1 Vdc.

  • What kind of battery cell used in the AC50 power station?

    We built in Auto-Level 3C rated Li-ion battery cell, it has longer cycle time, low heat, higher discharge rate than other ordinary battery core.

  • How to know whether your device can be charged by our AC50?

    I think you need to do some search or check the user manual of your device and check the power of your device, it should not be exceed 300W. for 300W<load<450w, it can only last for 2minutes.

  • How to calculate the working time for your device?

    Working time(rough calculated) = 500Wh* 0.85 / operating power of your.

    This is the theoretical valuecalculated: charge it without using it. Actual working time may varies on how you use the device, pls contact MAXOAK for details.

  • Can charge and discharge at the same time?

    Yes, you can.

  • What kind of product can be charged by the AC50 power station?

    For AC powered device, make sure the max. power of the device is no more than 300W. for overload capacity, 300W ≤Load<450W @2Min,450W≤Load @1s;

  • How to choose compatible Solar panel?

    It must meets:

    1)Open Circuit Voltage(OCV):14-40V/Max.10A, Max.120W (DC7907 to MC4 Charging cable is included)

    2)MC4 Connector

    Tips: make sure the total OCV(open circuit voltage) is no more than 40V if you connect several solar panel in series!!!!!

  • How long can be recharged by Solar Panel?

    It depends on the input power of the solar panel and the strength of the sunlight.

    For example, for 120W solar panel, the charge time is about 4.5-5Hrs.

  • Can I connect the solar panel in series or in parallel?

    Yes, you can. for example, connect 2pcs solar panel in series, the total current is the same,and the OCV(open circuit voltage) and the power of the solar panel are doubled,make sure the total OCV is no more than 40V+4.

  • What is the size and weight for this AC50 power station?

    Size: 11.6*7.5*7.7inch.Net weight:13.6lbs.

  • How long should I recharge the AC50 power station if I do not use it for a long time?

    We suggest to recharge it very 3 or 6 months for better protect the battery cell and ensure a longer life cycle.

  • Can I take it on airplane?

    No, you cann’t take it on airplane, because it exceeds 100wh, not TSA-approved.

  • What is the warranty of AC50?

    One year Warranty, technicalsupportfor life time.

  • Doctor Feel Good

    Doctor Feel Good

    I own a number of solar generators and portable solar panels and have found them very useful under a variety of circumstances. I discovered this latest solar generator and decided to give it a spin.
    I use solar generators to power work equipment such as computers, a coffee maker and a small fridge. For that reason, I’ve made a point to invest in good-quality battery chargers that have solar charging capabilities. I also have propane/gas powered generators, but I don’t always need something that big or loud. Plus, they’re heavy and can be cumbersome to tote around.
    While I like all of the generators that I’ve collected, I’m particularly fond of this new one, the AC50 500wh 300w power station. It boasts two AC 110v outlets, has wireless charging, led lighting, and a DC 12V outlet. It’s a completely silent and gas-free generator with a pure sine wave output that can efficiently power up even small household appliances.
    So far I’ve been able to charge/run my laptop, smartphone, Dometic fridge freezer and a fan. For whatever reason, not all the solar generators I have can power my laptop. The AC adapter for the laptop is only 65 watts so most solar generators should be able to run it. Anyway, the AC50 had no problem running my laptop. This made me very happy!
    The generator came with solar charging cables and a AC charger so I can recharge it with either a compatible solar panel or an AC outlet. In all, I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a solar generator. I think they’ll be very pleased with how quickly it charges and how long the charge lasts.

  • Shannon Monahan

    Shannon Monahan

    This is one of the best things I have ever bought! Let me tell you why. I am a vendor. I set up my booth in remote locations in the Desert. I rely on self generated power and I need to run lights, laptops, phones, wifi, among other things. Before I bought this, I had to run my generator 24/7. Now, I run my generator only at night. This power station runs all of my equipment all day. Even in the evening, when I am still selling, it powers all mentioned above, plus 3 led flood lights. Adding the lights does draw more power, but easily lasts the 3 hours I need them for. Without running the lights this thing keeps all of my equipment charged and running for at least a few days. It recharges in a little over 6 hours. It has 4 USB ports and 2 ac ports. I may explore in the future hooking up solar panels for recharging. As I mentioned above, I run the generator at night so I can top it off for the next day. I highly recommend this product for anyone who wants to keep their gadgets charged and running for days at a time.

  • Wombat


    I purchased the Maxoak Bluetti 500W power station primarily for my CPAP when the power goes out or for camping trips (however, if you're a backpack camper and also use a CPAP, I’d recommend the Maxoak K5 CPAP battery, which is lighter than this one but won’t give as many CPAP nights). This power station comes in at around 13 pounds. But make no mistake, if you want a large amount of available power, it’s going to weigh more. There’s just no way around that fact. And this power station has a lot of power!
    I tested this power station with my Resmed Airsense 10. I turned off the humidity and put it in airplane mode (both of those will eat up battery time). My CPAP was set to auto pressure between 5 and 15. After the first night, the Maxoak Bluetti power station was still reading 100%, but that’s because this power station’s progress bars are set in increments of 20%.
    Long story short, I was able to get 6 full nights of CPAP use with this power station before it needed to be re-charged, with a total use time of about 50 hours. I did turn off the power station during the day when I wasn’t using it. (Note: the little green indicator light is quite bright, so if you like a very dark room for sleeping, you may want to put a small piece of electrical tape over that light)
    In additional my CPAP test, I had a little power drilling but did not want to drag out the extension cord. So I brought out this power station and plugged the drill in. Worked perfectly with full power to the drill!
    Another nice feature with this power station is that there is no need for special cords for your CPAP. Just plug it in as you would the wall, turn on the power station, select AC power, and BAM! Your CPAP will work!
    The wireless charger on the top for phones with that feature is also a wonderful addition.
    I’m very pleased with this power station and would most definitely recommend it to anyone looking a great external power source for whatever your needs. Well done, Maxoak!

  • Aimaiya


    What triggered me to get another power station is that recently PG&E announce of the power interruption in California.
    This unit is slightly larger than my old unit which has more features and at larger capacity. I have been using it plugging my regular electronic devices such as bluetooth headset, laptops, even a 15W LED strip. As I have previously mentioned that this unit also could be used as a Uninterrupted Power Supply in case unannounced power cutoff which still enable me to access to Router plugged into this unit if Internet network does not affect, I have uninterrupted access to my most relied Internet for my daily activities.
    Awesome features that attracted me buying are those WIRELESS CHARGER on top of the unit, sleek design at slim compact size that fit my limited space, SOS light which is very useful if I go outdoor activities. This light button has 3 modes (High Beam, Low Beam and SOS)
    It does have the built in reader of the power of the unit (DC or AC) and that you would have awareness what is the sucker of your electric bill. 
    Not to mention, you could charge it from your AC outlet, Car outlet as well as via Solar if you have the necessary solar.
    Imagine that if your neighborhood power is out but only your house has the power which does not affect your valuable time for your activities, definitely your neighbors curious what you had done to have the lights on. 

  • Craig


    After purchasing the Maxoak 400Wh unit to run my 180 watt gaming laptop last year, I now bought the upgraded Bluetti 500Wh unit. The main differences that benefit the newer unit is obviously 100Wh more power reserve, 10W wireless charging on top of it for your cell phones, ear buds, and other wireless charging devices, a slightly smaller form factor (very easy to carry around), and an added nice touch of a waterproof carrying bag (see pictures) to take with you hiking, camping, ball games, ect. in case it rains. There is also a built in light with a button for hi, low, and S.O.S. flashing! It also charges faster, 87W vs 53W from your home wall. The package also includes cables for solar and in car charging, the solar is very fast, while the car charger takes much longer and can not fully charge the large unit. I has two plugs and can run up to 300 watt appliances. As well as this unit having an internal fan that kicks on if it gets hot, so any issue of charging in hot weather was solved nicely. It has a 45 watt USB-C output, it also has 4 USB ports 5v 3A for your more powerful phones and tablets. As well as a car 12V auxillary (cigarette lighter) style round port and some other connectors for CPAP. It came packaged very nicely surrounded by Styrofoam and 60% charged, which is the ideal storage charge state. Using it couldn't be any easier, just turn it on after charged and press the DC for charging cell phones, tablets, ect. from the USB ports or press AC for when you plug in normal wall plugs like a laptop, T.V., lamp, anything under 300 watts. You can also do both at the same time and even while charging, which most other brands won't! It has a light while charging and the LCD display also shows a 5 bar charge % level as it fills up. I really like everything about this unit compared to other competitor's with similiar specs, this just looked better built and it is less pricey then other manufacturer’s. It can power all sorts of things, not like those small cheap power banks that only can power tablets or phones or maybe a low power laptop. Being portable, powerful, long lasting, and having a real 300 watt capable outlet on top off all that is what makes this product so great.

  • EB


    I needed a power source in case of electricity outages, which seem to happen from time to time here in NH, including a 3-4 day ice storm outage a few years ago. I don't have a large home generator, and wanted something smaller and more portable for use camping, and traveling. Last year, I bought a MAXOAK CPAP battery power bank to operate my CPAP while camping and during any potential power loss at home. That is an excellent power source for my CPAP machine, so I decided to purchase this larger, multi-use power source. It initial trials and usage, it has proven to be an excellent choice for what I need.
    Positives: This unit charges up reasonably quickly through AC wall socket. (I may get a solar panel that can charge the battery, sold separately). I have been trying to run different items with the generator. It was fine with my phone, laptop computer, floor and table lamps, portable speaker, CPAP machine. In fact, at one point I ran 2 things on DC (USB ports for Phone, speaker) and 2 things on plug in AC (CPAP, laptop) simultaneously for an hour and all was good, using up only about 15% of the charge. As advertised, it does not operate anything over 300 watts. In my case, this means my toaster, coffee pot, and portable electric space heater can not be powered up with this generator. I can live without these things during a power outage, or can investigate getting similar items with less than 300 watts. Another positive: the generator will safely shut off if you try to power up a machine over 300 watts.
    This unit is a convenient size, easy to carry around. It has a strong LED light, is easy to operate, and as a bonus, has a built in wireless charging capability for smart phones, etc. It is perfectly quiet, and the fan that can kick on if powering multiple devices or if the unit overheats is very quiet.
    All in all, I am quite pleased to have this portable power generator for home and travel use. If kept fully charged, it will be ready to go for camping and be all set if/when there are power outages at home. That's peace of mind I need and appreciate!

  • Karen W

    Karen W

    To start with, I'm a big fan of MAXOAK Power Stations. A couple of years ago I needed a source of power for my CPAP device for a "off the grid" tent camping trip. I found the MAXOAK model K5 CPAP Power Bank on Amazon, boasting more power than most others. It worked great, giving me four good nights before needing recharged. But it was limited to only 12, 15, & 24 volt output and 1 USB port.
    MAXOAK customer service is top notch and highly responsive. On the K5, I was contacted within 24 hours of my Amazon order about my CPAP device to be sure the proper power cable for my device would be shipped. I was impressed with MAXOAK.
    All that said, the AC50 is a compact, well designed unit with lots of power and outlets. All the outlets are well identified & on the front, with only the charging port and light bar on the back. I like the rubber door on the 12V /10A outlet. It dresses up the package and maybe keeps little fingers out of it on the picnic table where this unit is ideal. Not sure why the power button is only 'delayed off' as the DC & AC are both 'delayed on & off'. All 3 are double delayed on the model EB40 which I also own. It does have a nice 'auto off' feature in 1 min if the power button is accidently bumped. The LCD screen goes dark in about 30 sec but will come on with the touch of any button. The little green LEDs are really bright in a dark room as I found out on my bed stand. Next time, on the floor at night.
    The PD45W outlet is not a 5th USB outlet utilizing a type 'C' cable as I found out. It is a Power Delivery (PD) fast charging protocol outlet. This I learned by it not charging my only 'C' cable device. I contacted MAXOAK and they explained the outlet is intended for newer devices that utilizes the PD Protocol. I ended up going to the internet to get smarter on PD protocol. For us "old technology" people, more information in the user manual would helpful.
    We live in rural east coast South Florida subject to power outages and Hurricanes. With the latter, we typically lose power for 5 to 7 days. The AC50 has plenty of power to get you through with the basic essentials such as a small TV, table lamp, fan etc. Though I have the K5 CPAP Power Bank, I tested my CPAP using the AC outlet which typically is not power efficient. I got two 7+ hour nights at 12-17 pressure and no humidity using 40% battery. With lower pressures and hours, I'm sure 5+ nights are possible. The wireless charging is also a nice feature for all those devices that can use it. I found that my cordless toothbrush will charge on it also.
    Since we won't be camping again for several months, I will update this review later with that experience.
    All in all, the AC50 is a nice addition to the MAXOAK family of Power Stations, with lots of power, easy to use and small enough to take anywhere you need portable power. I like it!



    Earlier this past summer I purchased a CPAP battery backup power supply from Maxoak. Ive used it several times and it has worked perfectly. I use a Resmed Airsense 10 machine. At my perscribed setting this device powered my CPAP for 4 nights - and there eas enough power remaining for probably another 3 or 4 hours. It's more than anyone could ever ask for.
    Based upon my experience with the first Maxoak I purchased a larger power supply. This new one is more powerful, but also has the added benefit of being able to power my CPAP and other things simultaneously.
    This power supply ran my CPAP, a fan (for white noise), my property motion sensor device, and a bedside lamp all at 110v.
    I did this for one night. There is no doubt in my mind that this would run all of those devices for 2 nights. I also ran my woodstove fan for 8 hours the other day - our local electric co-op
    is notorious for having outages at ALL times during the year.
    This device is expensive, but for the power it provides and the convenience, well, I'd say it's a bargain.

  • Chris W

    Chris W

    Bottom line, this is an excellent unit. First, some clarification. In the Amazon listing, one of the attributes mentioned is "solar generator." Some might find this confusing, as the unit is actually a well-designed, high-capacity lithium-ion battery power bank with a built-in sine-wave inverter. It could become a "solar generator" with the addition of a solar panel, which the manufacturer says should be available in the near future (see questions & answers), and I plan to order one when it is available. So far, I've purchased several pieces of equipment from Maxoak, and all are what I would consider "best in class." This unit is no exception. If you look around on Amazon, there are several power banks of this capacity available from different vendors - some cheaper than this. But if you want the best, this is it. This thing is built like a tank, and has a plethora of input and output options. I find the stated capacity to actually be conservative - I measured the output under a variety of load conditions and it consistently exceeds the rated capacity! A key feature is that it uses a true sine-wave inverter that outputs exceptionally clean power - much, much cleaner than the power available from the grid, which is typically contaminated by distortion components or "grunge." For most electrical appliances this isn't a problem, but I use this unit to power sensitive electronic instruments when I want to completely isolate them from power-line noise, and it works great for this. In short, this unit can precisely and perfectly power anything you throw at it as long as you don't exceed its rated capacity - computers, electronic instruments, audio components, appliances, lights, tools, etc.. Superb versatility, robust construction, good design - what more could you ask for? And for what it is, I think the price is quite competitive. I would stay away from some of the cheaper offerings from other vendors, keeping in mind the old adage "you get what you pay for" - which is largely true in this case. This is a keeper! Solid-as-a-rock unit, and I'm more than pleased with its performance.

  • Donny


    I bought this to use as a CPAP camping battery. I use an AirSense 10. I tested it out last night at home. Since it was only a one night test I left the climate control on. Things went really great. In the mask fit test I was pulling around 5 wats during an exhale and about 15 during an inhale. I ran the regular sleeping test for about 10 hours and the battery indicator show I still have 60% left. I figure, for a short trip, I could use the humidifier for two nights. I bought a solar panel to charge it. I don't know how that will go yet, but I'm optimistic.

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