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Deep UV Toothbrush Sanitizer Case

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  • Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer with Advanced Deep DUV-C Sanitizing Technology: Deep UVC-LED is a New Generation Clean Light Source( Wavelength C Band light (250-280nm). The Sterilization is 3600 Times Compared with Common Light.
  • Sanitizing efficiency reach up to 99.99%,Physical, Safe, Intelligent and Efficient. Use the Deep-UVC-LED to Sanitize Daily-use Toothbrush, So You Can Rest Assured that the Toothbrush that You Take Out is Cleaned and Sanitized.
  • Suitable for Various Toothbrush Head including Electric Toothbrush(EXCEPT ORAL B). Portable and Easy to Use/Clean. Pace your Toothbrush Head in the Case, Sterilization will Start after Pressing the Power Button. the Default SterilizationTime is 3mins, It Will Power off Automatically after Sterilization Completion. The Toothbrush Container Slot can be Taken Out to Clean.
  • Easily Recharged via USB: it is Built in Lithium-ion Battery(240mAh). It Take about 3Hrs to Get Full Charged.

Deep UV Toothbrush Sanitizer Case

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Main features:

Why does everyone need a toothbrush sanitizer?

It is proved by authoritative experiments, after using the toothbrush for 3 weeks. The total amount of bacteria was up to one million, which was about 9 cups of rag water. The amount of bacteria was 80 times that of toilet water, and the amount of bacteria is more than bacteria on 29 pcs coins. It comes from the oral cavity, the moist environment, the storage containers and even the toilet.

It’s difficult for us humans to digest the fact that an essential tool in our hygiene, that we literally put in our mouth can be so disgusting. But the truth is that 90% of the halitosis is caused by oral unclean. Toothbrushes may play a huge role in disease transmission and increase the risk of infection.

What is the most Effective Sterilization for Toothbrush?

How do Toothbrush Sanitizer Work?

The Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer (DU03) is Developed for Toothbrush Sanitizing Purpose. It Built in the Newest Advanced HeaChips and Use the Deep UVC-LEDTechnology which is the most Effective and Safest Sterilization Method in the World. It is Suitable for Travel and Family Daily Use.

The wave band of HeaChips is 275-280mm. Such non visible light can penetrate the shell of the virus and destroy the base pairs of DNA or RNA, destroy the nucleic acid replication ability or protein structure, achieve the purpose of sterilization.
  • Portable & Lightweight

    Portable & Lightweight

    Mini size, very handy. You can put it in your cosmetic bag easily. Suitable for travel or family daily use.

  • USB Recharged & Reusable

    USB Recharged & Reusable

    It is built in 240mAh lithium-ion battery cell, easily recharged via USB. About 55 uses for one fully charge. Long LED chip life up to 12000Hrs.

  • Fits for Various Toothbrush Head

    Fits for Various Toothbrush Head

    It fits for regular and electric toothbrush(Except Oral-B). The soft liner can be taken out and replaced. Broad compatible and easy to use.

  • What are the common bacteria on the toothbrush?

    What are the common bacteria on the toothbrush?

    E.coli, Streptococcus mutans and herpes simplex are the common bacteria carried on 98% toothbrush head. It is proved that bacteria increasing exponentially include some pathogenic microorganism. the testing date showed: 500,000 bacteria on toothbrush after one month.

  • The Advantages of HeaChips Sanitizing

    The Advantages of HeaChips Sanitizing

    For deep UVC, its wavelength is between 10nm-380nm. It has 3 kinds: long wave UVA, middle wave UVB and Shortwave UVC.We adopt the most effective sterilization wave UVC.it is a physical sterilization technology, No smell, No Residue.

  • High Sanitizing Efficiency

    High Sanitizing Efficiency

    With built in HeaChips and the new clean light source UVC-LED, the 5mW HeaChips can kill up to 99.99% harmfulvirus within 10Seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you store this long term inside the uv holder? Or do you just put it in there 3 min before you use it?

    Yes, you can, I left it in the holder , you can press the button one time for 3mins or twice for 6mins to enhance the effect as you like.

  • Why would you need to replace the liner?

    That depends. Usually it can be used for a very long time. It can be taken out to clean.

  • Would this work to sanitize dental picks too?

    So long as it can be put in the slot, I think yes.

  • Would this sanitizer work for dental picks too?

    Yes, as long as it fits it should work.

  • What kind of toothbrush does it apply to?

    Suitable for Various Toothbrush Head including Electric Toothbrush(EXCEPT ORAL B). Portable and Easy to Use/Clean. 

  • How do I use it?

    Pace your Toothbrush Head in the Case, Sterilization will Start after Pressing the Power Button. the Default SterilizationTime is 3mins, It Will Power off Automatically after Sterilization Completion. The Toothbrush Container Slot can be Taken Out to Clean.

  • Nancy Gordon

    Nancy Gordon

    I bought the iHeals toothbrush sanitizer to help keep my toothbrush as clean as possible. As a retired dentist, I always encouraged my patients to have a good and serviceable toothbrush for their oral hygiene. Why not ensure the toothbrushe's cleanliness as well? This sanitizer fits the bill!
    My wife asked me: "How do you know that it works?" My answer was that we own several other products made by Maxoak and that these products are well engineered and reliable. I trust Maxoak and when they show the science behind the the sanitizer , I believe them. Likewise, I don't have to test the airbags in my car to trust that they will protect me!
    I was so impressed by the ease of use, compact size, and affordable cost that I bought a second one for my wife. Thanks for another fine product.

  • Carol Fleming

    Carol Fleming

    After finding out how disgusting a tooth brush can be I went on the hunt for a way to sanitize my toothbrush. This is the one I choose. I love it! It's simple but so effective. It's compact and ready to take along if you travel. It only takes 3 minutes to sanitize and you can hit the button and forget it, it turns off automatically. The charge last for a really long time and it's easy to recharge as well. And it fits both regular and electric toothbrushes. Highly recommend!

  • April Green

    April Green

    This is a neat product. You can use it for two purposes. As a toothbrush cover, cover for travel, and sterilization. They always say the bathroom caries the most germs. Feel my toothbrushes are cleaner now.

  • Janet


    Excellent product. I have tried several different tooth brush sanitizers over the years and this one is the best! I like the size, how it functions and that it is rechargeable! No batteries to change! I have bought several for home use and travel and gifts!

  • VJ


    think about it, so many bacterias in tooth brush, I was disgusted after reading about it. Thanks fully this came to rescue
    1. comes auto charged
    2. easy to use, no manual required
    3. as simple as putting a brush in and pressing button
    4. can be tried with different handles and types of brushes, rubber enclosure helps accommodating different brushes
    5. pocket sized, easy to travel with
    1. no beep/alert once sanitization is done, have to check manually
    2. item looks very plain, basic, no color options etc

  • Michael


    This is an awesome little travel device, and good for at home. I bought one to try for my wife, who likes cleanness, for a road trip and now she uses it once a week at home.
    It is basic in operation, lights to let you know when it's working and when it's done. She lives the fact that she does not need to bring any extra cables or chargers. She has a micro USB cable for her phone and uses it to charge the device.

  • Sean


    After reading an article stating that you can be brushing you teeth with poop particles on your toothbrush I decided to buy this UV sanitizer. Since I normally use a toothbrush for several months a nasty smell usually develops (I have bad breath). After using this sanitizer for around a year I noticed that the smell went away.
    The product is very compact and great for travel! I was initially very surprised at how long the battery can last. I use it at least 2 times a day and I only have to charge it once every couple of months. Just plop your toothbrush in, push a button and you'll never have to worry about poop particles getting to your toothbrush again!
    Highly recommended! Packaging looks great! Just bought another unit as a gift.

  • Beckymtown


    IHEALS DUV Toothbrush Sanitizer Stylish Toothbrush Sterilizer Travel Toothbrush Case-USB Recharged. Received on 8/23/19. The instructions says when it is fully charged it will lasts for up to 55 days. I only had it for about a week and half. It fits my Sonic e-series toothbrush. The compact size is easy to use. Shake off excess water and just open the flap and insert the toothbrush and close the flap, press button for 3 seconds. It will turn itself off after 3 minutes. The toothbrush will be completely dry. Of the many sanitizers I looked at on Amazon, I am very glad that I ended up choosing this one.

  • BLD


    Holds a really good charge. Does it work? Who knows. I am not a scientist and cannot check for bacteria after use. Some people say these are great, others not so much. But it gives me peace of mind and at least it keeps the business end of the toothbrush clean.

  • Amazon Customer

    Amazon Customer

    Small, rechargable. Easy to take when traveling. My sonicate used to have this built in, but it failed and was too expensive to replace. This is a great option!

  • Denise Denise

    Denise Denise

    his is a wonderful sanitizer, have used it for months, small footprint, easy to charge; it holds the charge for a long time. I am so pleased I just purchased one for my daughter and her family. I use it all the time; it makes me feel confident that I am brushing with a sanitized toothbrush. I love it!

  • Sara T

    Sara T

    This UV toothbrush sterilizer is a genus invention to me.
    It’s very easy to store, it’s like half size of a credit card, it’s easy to store at home or take it with you when go travel.
    Another reason I like it is because this is USB Charge. No need to change and wasted batteries.
    It is very easy to use and very easy to clean.
    I have been trying for more than a week and I am very happy with it. Hope this can keep all my family member healthy.

  • Em


    ok, so i don't have one of those germ testers so obviously a lot of this is just the fact that it makes me feel better, which it does. it's super compact - really the same size as one of those travel covers that just goes over the head of the toothbrush - and easy to use and clean. over all pretty happy

  • 2M


    I always thought that it would be very expensive to have portable toothbrush sanitizer for home. It is a must thing as most of the time in hurry forget to put the cap on my electric tooth brush and so do my wife or sometime my daughter remove them. This one works perfect. Its easy to use and clean. You can even feel the difference after being sanitized and provide confidence for clean brush in to the mouth not the one with bacteria. To me its my first purchase of such product and so far very happy from the result. I would definitely need one for my office as well.

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