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MAXOAK AC10 Outlet Power Bank

114.99 129.99


  • TSA-approved Power Bank: Capacity 99Wh/26756mAh. Designed for Travel/Business Power Backup Purpose. You can Put in your Carry bag and Take it on Airplane.
  • AC Outlet Portable Charger & All-in-1 Power Bank:1* AC120V/100W (Peak Power:140W) output for AC Powered Devices Such as Laptops(no more than 100W), Cell Phone, Tablet and Others. 1* PD3.0 45W USB-C(5-20V) for MacBook and other USB-C Devices, USB-C (in/out) is not only a Recharge Port but also a Discharge Port. 2* USB 5V3A for Smartphone, iPad, Camera, Led lamp, etc.
  • Three Recharge Ways: AC / USB-C Recharge and Car Recharge (Optional). The Power Bank can be Recharge from AC Wall Outlet or USB-C Charger(Charge Time: About 4hrs). Attention: for Car Recharge, you need to Buy a DC12v to AC Power Inverter or USB-C PD Car Charger yourself).
  • 4.Other Highlights:1) Emergency LED Lighting/SOS Function (Full bright/Half Bright/SOS Mode);2)Portable & Lightweight(L7.1*W3.9*H2.3inch,2.75lb); 3) Built in BMS (Battery Management System): Overcharge/Overvoltage/Overcurrent/Shortcircuit/Overheat Protection); 4) Charge & Discharge Simultaneously; 5) High Safety Automotive-level Battery Cell; 6) Low-heat: Aluminum shell; 7) No fan Design, Silent; 8) Frequency 50/60Hz(adjustable); 9) Peak power: 140W,Overload 105W≤load<140W@10S; 140W≤load@0.5s.
  • Package Include: 1* 99Wh Portable AC outlet Power Bank(AC10); 1* PD 30W AC Adapter; 1* USB Type-C Cable; 1* User Manual; 1* 12Months Warranty Card; 1*Carry Bag; 1* QC Certificate

MAXOAK AC10 Outlet Power Bank

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Main features:

The Highest Capacity TSA-Approved AC Outlet Power Bank

--- --- 99Wh/26756mAh @3.7V

Most people want to take along a power bank on airplane, they wish the power bank has that has enough capacity that can last a longer time for their laptops, smartphones, tablets and so on.

MAXOAK BLUETTI AC10 Power Bank is developed based on TSA-approve requirements, it is features with 1*AC120V Outlet(standard US AC socket), 1*PD 3.0 45W quick charge USB-C, 2* USB 5V 3A(Max.) and 1 * LED/SOS lighting( brightness can be adjustable.

OFF-grid Travel Portable Power Bank for Business Trip and Outdoor Activities

  • You can take it on airplane and use it to charge your laptop, no need to worry to interrupt your urgent working task when far away from a wall outlet.
  • Keep your camera, drone, cell phone, fans, nintendo switch, speakers powered, enjoy your wonderful outdoor camping/adventure.
  • On the go power companion, you can put it in your package and go outside for a camping, picnic , party.
How to know the working times for your device?

Charge time = 99Wh* 0.91 / rated power of your device

For example, if the rated power of your laptop is 45W, charge times will be 99Wh*0.91/45W=2 full charges (rough calculated) .

Note: above calculations are based on not using it while charging, actual power consumption varies from different usages.

  • TSA-approved Power Bank

    TSA-approved Power Bank

    Battery Capacity 99Wh/26756mAh is the perfect capacity for people to take it o airplane, never worry your laptops, phones, cameras power outage during flight trip. this capacity is allowed to take on airplane all over the world.

  • AC outlet Power Bank

    AC outlet Power Bank

    You can plug your laptops(max.100W), camera, game player, light, TV screen or other AC powered device to the 120V AC outlet, charge your devices in time before power drains out. never worry power outage when you have no access to the AC wall outlet.

  • All-in-1 Power Bank

    All-in-1 Power Bank

    Multi-output for different power needs, you can use the AC120V output to charge AC powered device like laptops(max.100W). and PD3.0 45W USB-C for MacBook/MacBook Air/Pro and other USB-C Devices. and USB 5V3A for phone, iPad, Camera, etc.

  • AC/USB-C/Car Recharge

    AC/USB-C/Car Recharge

    You can recharge the power bank from AC Wall Outlet / USB-C Charger / Car. we included a 30W PD quick charge AC adapter, it takes about 4hrs to full recharge it from Wall outlet. Attention: for Car Recharge, you need to Buy a USB-C PD Car Charger or DC12v to AC Power Inverter yourself)

  • Bidirectional In/Out USB-C

    Bidirectional In/Out USB-C

    The PD3.0 45W USB-C is not only for input but also for output, that is to say, you can recharge the power bank from USB-C(input) and you can also use the USB-C(output) to charge other USB-C powered device. it is plug and play for the USB-C(45W PD3.0), so it is very convenient to charge your MacBook/MacBook Air/Pro,etc.

  • 99Wh/Max.100W(Peak 140W)

    99Wh/Max.100W(Peak 140W)

    It can charge your MacBook 12" 2 charges+, MacBook Air 13.3" 1.86-2 charges+, MacBook Pro 13.3" 1.5-2 charges+, MacBook Pro 15" 1 charges+, Charge times depends on how you use the laptop during charging, the date above based on not using it when charging.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the capacity of the AC10?

     26756mAh/99Wh, AC120V/100W, We built in lithium-ion Polymer battery cell.

  • Can I take it on plane?

    You can Put in your Carry bag and Take it on Airplane.

  • What devices can be charged by AC10?

    1* AC120V/100W (Peak Power:140W) output for AC Powered Devices Such as Laptops(no more than 100W), Cell Phone, Tablet and Others. 

    1* PD3.0 45W USB-C(5-20V) for MacBook and other USB-C Devices, USB-C (in/out) is not only a Recharge Port but also a Discharge Port. 

    2* USB 5V3A for Smartphone, iPad, Camera, Led lamp, etc.

  • Does this feature quick charge?

    Yes. It features with one pd3.0 45w quick charge usb-c. The usb-c is bidirectional( input and output).
    You can use a usb-c charger to recharge the power bank. But also discharge via usb to charge your other usb-c devices. 
    I tested the MacBook/MacBook Air and MacBook Pro very well on usb-c output. 
    If yours is iPhone, you can use a usb-c to lighting charging cable to quick charge your iPhone. Maybe 2-3* faster charging speed than other common usb to lighting cable.

  • Can you recharge it via solar panel?

    Can not, this ac outlet power bank can be recharged by USB-c, AC wall outlet and car. for car recharge, you need to buy a DC12v to AC Power Inverter or USB-C PD Car Charger yourself).

  • Does this have Pass-thru charging?

    Yes,it is 

  • What is operational temperature limits?


  • How many times can this charge my phone?

    That depends on the power of your phone and how you use the phone while charging. 
    For example. If I let the phone just charging and not use it while charging , and if the phone is 10w, it is suppose to get 7-8 charges. 
    Pls use the USB port to charge your phone. And do not turn on AC when you not use the ac output.

  • How long does it take to charge?

    We included a pd quick charge 30w adapter charger. It takes about 4hrs to full recharge it. 
    And It supports ac/usb-c/car recharge, For car recharge, you need to buy a dc12v to usb-c car charger yourself.

  • Whats its size and weight?


  • What is the warranty?

    We Offer Customers a 12 Months Hassle-free 100% Satisfaction & Replacement Warranty.

  • Ethan W

    Ethan W

    Ok I bought this unit to use while camping. It’s a bit heavy but not bad.
    The product seems very well made with excellent fit and finish. I just got it so I can’t say how long it will last but based upon quality so far it looks like it will last a while.
    Now I charged it up fully and plugged in a fan to see how long it would run a oscillating tower fan. It ran the fan for 4 hours and still had over half the lights on so I’m thinking 8 hours or more.
    The manual didn’t mention charging with a car cigarette lighter but since it uses a standard USB 3.0 I’m thinking it will work just fine.
    Great product comes with a nice little carry bag as well.

  • EB


    This powerful charger unit works quite well, and is accurately described by the seller (MAXOAK). It is larger and heavier than the small USB-only chargers readily available, but the addition of an AC plug in outlet to go with the 2 USB ports makes it much more versatile. As advertised, it powers equipment up to 140W using AC outlet: laptops, lamps, small electronics. It did not power up my toaster, CPAP, and electric space heater, but then I did not expect that given the description. Positives: Charge lasts fairly long. you can operate USB and AC outlets simultaneously (in fact, I am recharging my phone via USB while I operated the laptop I am using to write this via the AC outlet. The LED light is strong and bright -- during a power outage at home this power bank would be useful if you really need to keep a light on, and to use/charge your phone and laptop. Although it is TSA approved to keep in your carry-on, it will add weight if going to destinations or on airlines that limit the weight of your carry on items. All in all, though, I am pleased with this unit and will use it regularly for camping and travel... or around the house if needing an AC outlet or USB port when away from a wall outlet (like on my porch or sitting out near the garden!)

  • EasyMan


    I recently purchased this portable charger as a power back-up for my PC while traveling on business. Let me tell you how it saved my job! Upon arriving at my destination, I found myself in a snow storm stuck in a hotel room without electricity and of course no lights. I had report to finish I also had a a discharged laptop, cell phone and no lights. This little charger got me going, I plugged in my cell phone, my computer and I situated the light on it so that it shined where necessary for me to complete my tasks. The power was out for 4 1/2 hours and this baby still had power to spare. I made my deadline! I will not travel without this amazing unit ever. This is the best buy I have made.

  • Denise Denise

    Denise Denise

    Sturdy, strong, compact with loads of charging capabilities, used it for phone, kindle pads so far with great results, I imagine the possibilities are limitless, and I will find many uses for this portable charging device. Great product.

  • Eddie Riccio

    Eddie Riccio

    I own several Maxoak power bank’s but this is my first with an A/C outlet. This charger is slightly larger and heavier than others I own but the added option to charge traditional A/C powered electronics makes it worth it. This charger has no problem running my USB powered fan and light bulb at the same time, not that my light bulb is necessary with this charger’s built in light. If you are looking for a power bank with the capability of running and charging standard wall outlet electronics, look no further.

  • JEJ3 Films

    JEJ3 Films

    Great power bank! I currently own 3, and this one is AMAZING because of its features- especially the plug options! No more “USB ONLY”! I can charge my MacBook Pro, power a fan, light, etc. it’s TSA approved as well so it’s perfect for travel!

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