How long should be the power bank charged for the first time?
There is no need to spend extra time in charging  or charge it after discharging off all electricity for the first time.


How can I check the remaining power of power bank?
Most power banks have a built-in four LED lights indicator. After recharging mobile devices, please check how many LED lights illuminate to know the remaining power.


Does your power bank only support specific smartphones model with its USB output?
Maxoak  power bank supports charging most of different digital products including smartphones, MP3s and MP4s. Please refer to the specification before purchasing and charging.


Can power bank charge itself and recharge other mobile devices at the same time?
Yes, most of our power banks can be charged and charge other mobile devices at the same time. It varies with different product models and depends on how many outputs the power bank has.


Which power bank is right for my device need?
Power banks work with all brands and models— Android, Apple, whatever.
Smartphones require a capacity of 2000 - 4000 mAh
Tablets need between 4500 and 10400 mAh


How long does it take to charge my device?
The charge speed depends on the output current (1A, 1.5A, 2.4A.) The higher the A, the faster the charge. A larger mAh won’t charge your device faster, but a larger A will. If the 2200 mAh and 4000 mAh power bank both have an output of 1A, the time it’ll take to charge your device is the same.