MAXOAK TECHNOLOGY COMPANY  is one of the large-scale battery manufactures in China. It was co-established with deep cooperation in technology and management from china and MAXOAK Battery Company from Japan in 1999. Till now, MAXOAK company group own 4 manufacturing companies distributed in Shenzhen and Yuanjiang, Hunan, with a total area of more than 10,000 m2 , and total staff of more than 2,000.

As a technology leader in battery manufacturing, MAXOAK masters the international advanced li-polymer battery manufacture technology and possesses national advanced fully automated production equipment. Since established, MAXOAK took advantage of mature management experience from Japan in Research, Development, Quality Control, and Sale. Our products comply with the UL, CE, FCC, PSE, KC certification and all our products comply with the eu ROHS testing requirements. The company group has more than 100 skilled and experienced talents, more than 60% of which are with graduate degrees. The enterprise has been authorized dozens of battery invention and utilization patent.

As the core manufacturing unit of the MAXOAK TECHNOLOGY COMPANY group based in Shenzhen , MAXOAK TECHNOLOGY COMPANY focus on the R&D of high-level Lithium battery and polymer Lithium battery, the Research covers many fields including materials chemistry, electrochemistry, battery active & passive management system, AC & DC energy storage control system, technology and packing technology.

MAXOAK TECHNOLOGY COMPANY positioned a globally oriented market. Through the tireless efforts of all our colleagues, MAXOAK  products sold very well in more than 30 countries and regions in the world, including Japan, South Korea, and the European countries. Our major foreign clients include: Honeywell, Panasonic, Toshiba, NTT, Mitsubishi, Samsung and other famous enterprises. Relying on it's high quality products and sincere service, MAXOAK  is widely accepted by customers in various fields including communication, IT, household appliance, finance, security, etc. 




The portable battery products developed by Shenzhen Maxoak Co., ltd are not only large capacity, but also fast charging, 8 minutes to get 80% charged.

Use field:

1.For portable cellphone charger,

I believe most of the people buying power bank to act as a backup power supply, because many of them called power bank as cell phone power bank, which indicated that it deeply connected with cell phone.

in 2013, there are different phones supporting multiple transfer interfaces for different types of cell phone, especially like iphone, Meizu MX and other non-replaceable battery cell phones, power bank have really solved the immediate needs.

2.For tablet,

tablet PC are popular in 2013, gorgeous screen,rusuoo configuration doomed that tablet needs more power, many manufacturers are still find the way to improve it, but until now, many people are still quite daunting for the Tablet PC standby time,while power bank is undoubtedly a good solution.

3.For digital camera, video camera,

many people pursue the quality of life in 2013, they like traveling and tourism, the digital camera and video camera are needed, but the capacity for it is really flattered,like the camera, the memory card is 4G, you can only take a few picture and then it has no power, so there are always some sports cannot be taken.there are some cameras support power bank charging in 2013, you can solve the problem by taken a power bank.

4.For other compatible devices,

any device that can use power bank if the charging voltage is 5V and the current within the power bank sustainable range, as long as the relevant charging port, they can use power bank charging.