Choose the best mobile power bank for your iphone 7

 Blog    |      2017-02-04

Generally, the iPhone 7 battery should last about 6 to 15 hours, with average usage. However, in many cases, some iPhone users revealed that the battery life of the device is obviously poor. This is primarily because many people install too many programs, games, and other common applications that increase much iPhone 7 power consumption. To extend iPhone 7 battery life without having to turn it off, some users choose to turn off the notifications, location, all apps, 3G and Bluetooth, or turn on the airplane mode, while some users carry a spare battery product such as battery case. Carrying a spare battery case is a great way to make sure you always have enough power in your iPhone. You can use them easily and conveniently. Choose the best mobile power bank for your iphone 7:
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Consider the iPhone 7 mobile Power bank Capacity
There are lots of extended iPhone 7 power banks or mobile power bank, and you should know and find the information on power capacity. The iPhone has a standard power capacity of between 1420 to 2915 milliamp hours (mAh). This suggests the device battery will operate 6 to 15 hours while running its basic apps, or at least 2 hours for extreme use. So you need an iPhone extended charger power case with a higher mAh power capacity if you need it to work longer than a normal battery.
Determine Portability and Battery Life
You also should think about the weight of the iPhone 7 backup battery. People generally like a slim, lightweight power bank, but it doesn't provide much extended capacity. Other users want higher power bank, but such iPhone extended battery is bulky and heavier. However, a slim, absolutely lightweight, 3800 mAh iPhone 7 mobile power bank is available. It can be recharged conveniently with a micro USB cable.
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Improve Battery for Any Application Purposes
Video and still camera usage drains the battery power quickly. This is especially a fact when uploading or downloading via 3G and 4G networks. A standard battery can deal with iPhone calls and SMS usage. But people who plan to use the camera, high-intensity apps, or games should switch to the extended battery pack case for iPhone 7.

Battery Versatility During the Charge Cycle
It is not advisable to use your iPhone 7 while doing charging, because it likely causes damage to the device or the battery itself. Read the manual carefully or ask for technical advice about compatibility and safety ways while the battery is in the charge cycle before purchasing a spare battery pack.

Choose the best mobile power bank for your iphone 7
As the iPhone is so wonderful, buying a backup rechargeable battery case for your iPhone 7 is wise because it allows you more complete access to the phone, with less down time. 

The Apple iPhone has already become a necessity to lots of people. Power consumption is one of the main features when ordering a brand new iPhone 7, especially when it comes to some fancy applications and games. It is a great idea to buy an extended battery base on its power capacity to last longer on the iPhone usage. Some people could manage to save battery life with their standard batteries instead of buying an extended battery pack. However, this will only sacrifice some great applications and cool features, and you can’t use the full features of a multifunctional iPhone 7.

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Product details:

Brand Name: KAYO MAXTAR 
Model Number: M11 
Dimension: 93*56.5*8.8mm 
Weight: 70g 
Capacity: 3800mah 
Output: 5V,1.5A 
Input: 5V,1A 
Socket Type: MICRO USB 
cell type: polymer Li-ion Battery 
material: metal 
color: red,pink,blue,black,yellow,silver,ect and customized 
power output efficiency: >=99.9% 
warranty: 12months,PICC insurance all over the world 
cycle life: over 1000 times and keep over 80% capacity after 3 year general usage 
packing: card box/gift box/customize 
Storage Temperature: -10°C-50°C

Operating Temperature: -10°C-50°C

Certification: UL\ CE\ FCC\ RoHS\ UN38