On the purchase of portable mobile power bank-related matters

 Blog    |      2017-01-22
    Outdoor travel, mobile phones, cameras and other digital products is indispensable, but in the outdoor travel,we often have no socket to charge for mobile phone, so the portable mobile power bank becomes one of the necessary equipments in many travelers journey, so, you should buy a powerful portable mobile power bank  before you go out is particularly important.Then, how to choose and buy and correctly use mobile power?

portable mobile power bank 01

    First of all, choose safe and reliable mobile power bank products.But how to clearly determine?

① look at the source of product.Generally, the manufacturers or sales site of regular portable mobile power bank is marked on the product packaging so that consumers can know the specific situation of the factory easily through the network or telephone ;

②the product certification.Consumers can query if there is a third party product certification or certification is complete, to gain the confidence of the purchase.Third party product certification to confirm the product is meet certain quality standards and safety requirements;

③whether product is practical or not.Practicality including capacity,use simple, compatibility, portable etc.Considering practical problems, choose the suitable portable mobile power bank;

④product after-sales.The regular configuration of consumer electronics products must have the perfect product after-sales service content, this is the basic requirement.

    In outdoor travel, if portable mobile power bank cannot be charging for digital products, you can check whether the portable mobile power bank switch has already placed on side, whether the output has pressed the start button;whether the digital product supports dc 5.0v battery;whether charging connector and digital products matching;whether the portable mobile power bank be full of power.And you can try to replace other data line or using digital original battery cable;If the above doesn't work, so we have to request the local dealer or technical personnel to help, or call the after-sales service hotline.

MAXOAK technology companies recommend a portable mobile power bank:

mobile power bank M8-13000mAh

portable mobile power bank

Product details:

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Model Number: M8
Dimension: 118*85*21mm
Weight: 350g
Capacity: 13000mah
Outport: 1*USB 5V 2.1A
Input: 1*Micro USB 5V 1A
Socket Type: MICRO USB
cell type: polymer Li-ion Battery

portable mobile power bank 02
material: metal
color: black,grey
power output efficiency: >=99.9%
Storage Temperature: -10°C-50°C
Operating Temperature: -10°C-50°C
cycle life: over 1000 times and keep over 80% capacity after 3 year general usage
warranty: 12months,PICC insurance all over the world
packing: card box/gift box/customize
Certification: UL CE FCC RoHS UN38.3